Two days after a transsexual slaughtered 6 Christians, Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark says trans community ‘is being forced to fight for its very existence’

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Just days after six Christians were murdered in a brutal school shooting by a female transsexual, Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts gave a speech honoring the trans “community,” which she claimed “is being forced to fight for its very existence.”

Beyond honoring transsexuals, Clark, who serves as Democratic whip in the House, also denounced those who stand in the way of the full execution of the transsexual agenda, including the very groups ostensibly targeted in the Nashville shooting.

‘Not one tragedy but two’

In the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting, a number of LGBT activists and trans advocacy groups vilified Republicans, religious institutions, and others. In a number of instances, they appeared keen to displace blame from the transsexual woman who murdered three children and three adults.

The LGBT lobby group Human Rights Campaign noted in its response to the atrocity, “We still don’t know all of the facts about what happened in Nashville. We do know that every study available shows that transgender and non-binary people are much more likely to be the victims of violence, rather than the perpetrator of it.”

TheBlaze previously reported that Madonna had decided in the aftermath of the shooting that it was an opportune time to state, “The oppression of the LGBTQ+ is not only unacceptable and inhumane; it’s creating an unsafe environment,” suggesting that it’s becoming particularly unsafe for transsexuals.

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The geriatric musician also announced she would perform in Nashville, with proceeds going to “trans rights” groups.

The Trans Resistance Network said in a statement that the incident in Nashville “is not one tragedy, but two,” intimating that the child-killer should similarly be mourned.

The group also suggested that recent policies (i.e., Republican legislation protecting children from genital mutilations and hormone therapies) and criticisms of the trans agenda together amounted to a “genocidal eradication of trans people from society” and were at least partly to blame for the massacre.

The Trans Resistance Network went so far as to threaten, “Hate has consequences.”

More polarizing rhetoric

Clark, whose “trans” son was charged in January for assaulting a police officer, echoed much of the activist groups’ rhetoric in her speech Thursday in Congress.

The Massachusetts Democrat said that to stand in the way of transsexuals’ happiness “is to stand against our most basic American values. But that’s exactly what MAGA extremists are doing across this country — on school boards, in state Capitols, here in the halls of Congress.”

Evincing no sense of irony, Clark claimed that Republicans are “waging an especially vicious crusade on our kids,” adding members of the trans community have been subjected to “cruelty” by “right-wing extremists.”

“Let’s reject the forces of opposition and bigotry,” said Clark. “Let’s celebrate the bravery and beauty of our trans community.”

Clark quoted a letter from a mother to her transitioning daughter, saying, “I know your strength, but I also know how determined the forces are that have pitted themselves against you, the politicians and preachers who would rather see you languish in a dark closet.”

At no point in the speech did Clark mention the Nashville shooting or the lives — including that of a preacher’s daughter — claimed therein.

Clark was recently in the news after her son Jared Dowell, 23, was charged with assault and battery on a Boston police officer inflicting serious bodily injury, vandalizing a historic monument, damaging property by tagging, and resisting arrest.

TheBlaze reported that Dowell, whom his mother refers to as a daughter named “Riley,” allegedly left an officer “bleeding from his nose and mouth.”

Police had attempted to arrest the Democrat’s son after they caught him allegedly vandalizing a monument with anti-police slogans.

Jared Dowell is not the only person in the family fond of provocative rhetoric.

While silent on the topic of transsexual child-killers, Clark has been a loud critic of her Republican colleagues in the House, calling them “extremists.”

The Democratic whip reiterated this claim on St. Patrick’s Day, stating, “The extremists are running it,” in reference to the House Republicans and their majority in Congress.

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