Kamala’s Husband Compares Parents Speaking at School Board Meetings to Nazis

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At the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, also known as Kamala Harris’s husband, argued that there is a connection between the “hate” that resulted in the Holocaust and parents speaking up at school board meetings — essentially linking concerned parents to Nazis.

Emhoff was discussing meeting Ukrainian refugees and Holocaust survivors during a conversation on antisemitism with MSNBC’s Symone Sanders-Townsend when he made the comments. According to a Twitter video, Emhoff stated that the “hate” responsible for the Holocaust is “interconnected” with the “hate [present] in America” that has been occurring at school board meetings.

“I met one woman who was saved in the Holocaust in Germany, settled in Ukraine, and is now a refugee again back in Berlin where she originally left as a Jew in the Holocaust,” Emhoff can be heard saying in the video. “These are the stories that are happening out there, and so this stuff is so important. This hate is interconnected, you see it in the discourse in the country right now. You see it in the divide that we have — just going to the school meetings, you see that hate that is out there.”

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“We’ve got to step up and speak out and we’ve got to call out the cowards out there, people as my wife likes to say ‘these-so-called leaders,’ but she’s right,” Emhoff continued. “Because you can’t be in leadership if you’re not going to lead.”

Sadly, this is the attitude that many in the Democratic Party have. If you speak out against the teaching of transgender ideology or critical race theory at a school board meeting, you put yourself at risk of being a target of the Biden administration. Starting in Joe Biden’s first year in office, his Department of Justice targeted concerned parents at school board meetings and treated them as domestic terrorists, claiming that parents were threatening and harassing teachers. Attorney General Merrick Garland personally authorized the FBI to investigate protesting parents, citing this “disturbing trend.” However, PJ Media’s Megan Fox investigated these accusations and found that they were baseless.

Furthermore, the National School Boards Association (NSBA), which had requested Garland to issue the memo, ultimately apologized for comparing parents to domestic terrorists. Despite this, Garland has refused to revoke the memo and denied that FBI resources were being used to target parents, however, towards the end of 2021, a whistleblower came forward with an internal email revealing that the FBI was, in fact, using counterterrorism tools to surveil parents. In the summer of 2022, whistleblowers revealed that the FBI had “pressured and incentivized” agents to categorize cases as domestic violent extremism even when the cases didn’t meet the criteria for such classification.

This is what a Democrat-controlled federal government does. It thinks that parents don’t have the right to care about what their children are being taught in schools and that questioning the narrative makes them morally equivalent to Nazis and terrorists, necessitating the resources of the FBI to tamp them down.

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