‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #64: It’s Tucker Tapes Time!

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If you would like to drink along, here is Kevin’s Unwoke Cocktail of the Week.

Now that we have finally gotten to see some of what the House J6 Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues wasn’t showing us in the way of video footage, it’s safe to say that everything about the Democrats’ narrative on the issue has blown up.


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Kevin and I discuss what we think might come of Tucker Carlson’s exposé, as well as what we would like to see happen. And, as is our wont, we wander off into a discussion about stand-up, this time focusing a lot on comedians who do characters on stage.

Never let it be said that we don’t go the extra mile to make our VIP friends happy — this one clocks in at about an hour and a half.

We finish with the usuals, and then we go our merry ways.


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