New Report Ties Biden Regime Funding to the International Fund for Public Interest Media to Censor and Silence Alternative Media

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A detailed online report found that the Biden Administration was working through Samantha Power, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, to censor alternative media by utilizing the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM) through the administration’s Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal.

The “founding partners” of the IFPIM  include Luminate, BBC Media Action Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and the MacArthur Foundation.

On September 12, 2021, the Biden Administration announced “up to $30 million” in funding to the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM) in his opening remarks at the virtual Summit for Democracy conference that was hosted by the US government. reported:

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Twitter user Bad Kitty Unleashed posted the incriminating documents in a thread on the social media platform that tie the Biden administration, USAID and US tax dollars to the IFPIM.

Former Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power is currently serving under Joe Biden as the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In a now-deleted USAID memo Samantha Power announced how she was pleased that USAID was partnering with the IFPIM in April 2022 after Joe Biden announced his $30 million infusion into the organization months earlier.

This USAID webpage has since been deleted.

In the above memo USAID administrator Samantha Power admitted that she was partnering with IFPIM co-Administrators Ms. Maria Ressa and Colin Crowell, on effective tools to address “disinformation.”

In other words, the Biden administration admitted in the now-deleted press release that they were partnering with the IFPIM to censor free speech at home and on a global scale.  Power also admits she is “holding major social media and technology companies accountable for the spread of falsehoods on their platforms.”

Of course, we know today that by “falsehoods” or “disinformation” as designated by the Biden administration is information that challenged their worldview and COVID statements and policies.

The Biden administration gave tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to a Global Disinformation Index partner and funder.

Millions of US taxpayer dollars went to the IFPIM which was founded by Omidyar Luminate and BBC Media Action.

The BBC founded The Trusted News Initiative.

The Trusted News Initiative is allegedly responsible for much global censorship on COVID per the lawsuit brought forth by Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit along with several other independent media platforms.

The BBC founded and runs the Trusted News Initiative. The initiative includes organizations from around the globe including; AP, AFP, BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Financial Times, Information Futures Lab, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, The Nation Media Group, Meta, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post, Kompas – Indonesia, Dawn – Pakistan, Indian Express, NDTV – India, ABC – Australia, SBS – Australia, NHK – Japan.

The Trusted News Initiative is allegedly responsible for much global censorship including information on Covid as per the lawsuit brought forth by Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit along with several other independent media platforms.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Join Together with Several Others In Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Efforts to Exclude Rivals From Internet Platforms

The January lawsuit is a first-of-its-kind antitrust action was filed Tuesday against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The Washington Post, Reuters, and Associated Press for damages totaling millions for the plaintiffs subject to trebling and seeks to address the boycott and censorship of health-freedom advocates, activists, journalists and medical professionals who dared to question the narrative relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine mandates.

The lawsuit reveals that by March 2020, a partnership was created called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) between Big Tech and legacy media to exclude rival publishers from the dominant internet platforms. The partnership was launched by BBC Director-General Tony Hall, with the agreement that members of the TNI “work together to . . . ensure that disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks.” This coordinated effort is, by definition, a classic form of a “group boycott” to damage the ability of smaller publishers to compete or even survive.

In July 2019, before the pandemic, the UK and Canadian governments hosted the FCO Global Conference on Media Freedom,[v] where then BBC Director-General Tony Hall announced:

“Last month I convened, behind closed doors, a Trusted News Summit at the BBC, which brought together global tech platforms and publishers. The goal was to arrive at a practical set of actions we can take together, right now, to tackle the rise of misinformation and bias….I’m determined that we use that [BBC] unique reach and trusted voice to lead the way – to create a global alliance for integrity in news. We’re ready to do even more to help promote freedom and democracy worldwide.”

TNI members collectively hold 90% of the overall social media market, 90% share of the social networking market, 75% of the video hosting market, and over 90% of the search-engine market.

The original funders of the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM) include Luminate and BBC Media Action.

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