“Justice For All” – Trump Collaborates With “J6 Prison Choir” Defendants In New Song

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Donald Trump is not done supporting the Jan 6th prisoners.

He was featured in a new song titled, “Justice for All,” by the J6 Prison Choir.

The Daily Mail reported:

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The former president collaborated on a song with the J6 Prison Choir – members of the MAGA mob who remain imprisoned for their role in the January 6 Capitol attack.

The song, entitled ‘Justice for All,’ uses Trump’s spoken word recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance over the Star-Spangled banner, with the prisoners chanting ‘USA’ at the end.

It was released on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms on Friday.

The recording was done at Mar-A-Lago and Ed Henry and former Trump White House official Kash Patel are reportedly involved with the project.

According to the report, the money is going to a group run by Henry and then to the families of Jan 6th prisoners.

Newsmax reported:

One source told Forbes that money raised from the song, which is on sale for $1.29 on iTunes, will go to the families of imprisoned Jan. 6 defendants.

The tune was recorded several weeks ago at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in South Florida, the source further claimed, with the Jan. 6 defendant portion reportedly recorded through a jailhouse phone.

Conservative commentator Ed Henry and Trump-era White House official Kash Patel are reportedly involved in the project. The funds are slated to go into a group run by Henry.

Here is the song:

Democrats and RINOs won’t like this!

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