5 Red States Dealing With Chemical Spills and Derailments at the Same Time

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Let’s go over the catastrophic environmental events that occurred in the month of February, most of them just this week.

FEBRUARY 12 Chemical fire at energy plant in Doral, Florida

The toxic chemicals hit unsafe levels, according to the EPA. The trash facility has been burning for five days. The fire is massive and encompasses four buildings.

The western side of the Doral incinerator fire produced a health risk from smoke that’s serious enough to trigger a “shelter in place” advisory, according to an Environmental Protection Agency report released Thursday.

FEBRUARY 13 Derailment in South Carolina, no known cause

FEBRUARY 13 Derailment in Texas after semi crashes into train

According to Newsweek, the train was full of hazardous materials.

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Police told local media that a hazardous materials team from Union Pacific, which operates the railway, were on site as a precaution. Lieutenant Troy Teller, Splendora Police’s spokesperson, told Newsweek that 100 gallons of diesel and about 15 quarts of oil had leaked from the 18-wheeler, but that “no other chemicals leaked.”

A Union Pacific spokesperson confirmed that the tractor-trailer released diesel and oil, adding that the train crew had not been injured in the incident and 21 cars had been derailed.

They added that the chemicals on board the train were household chemicals, including paint and aerosol cans, and that there had been no hazardous material releases from the cargo.

FEBRUARY 15 Chemical Fire at Catoosa Port Authority in Oklahoma

Not only did they evacuate the area, but the Port Authority insists they don’t know what is in the tanker that is on fire. It’s been two days and no news sources appear to have found out what is burning. These large tanks house chemicals like petroleum and other toxic substances. There has also been no information about how the fire started.

FEBRUARY 16 Kissimmee, Florida Plastic Plant on Fire

Five acres of a plastics plant are burning and no one has confirmed how the fire started. Officials claim the smoke isn’t toxic.

“These pots are burning into soot, just carbon, and carbon monoxide, a small amount that dissipates in the air, carbon dioxide and water. Nothing exotic. No cyanide, like you can get in some fires. No exotic chemicals like you can get in some fires,” said Dr. Todd Husty, a public health official.

Are all of these incidences unrelated and coincidental? That’s what everyone keeps telling us. This is all “perfectly normal.” But I don’t remember having such disastrous and catastrophic events this close together. Lately, we are getting hit in many different vital industries all at once.

Remember when a bunch of chicken farms burned down and other food sources were hit by foreign cyber attacks? PJ Media had that story for you. There is no shortage of weird things happening that continue to make the recession and shortages worse.

A weird trend has emerged over the past few months that seems statistically unlikely. A number of factories, logistical centers, and food processing plants have caught fire or exploded, including two that had planes crash on them. More and more people have noticed and wondered about the trend on social media. Of course, this has caused the conspiracy theorists to come out in force, so one must make a sober assessment without jumping to conclusions. But man, this is weird. With all the negative pressures on our economy and supply chains, and even Joe Biden talking about global food shortages over the next several months, one has to wonder what’s going on here.

One large logistics center going up in flames is enough to make you sit up and take notice. That happened at a Walmart distribution center in Indianapolis on March 21, requiring over 350 firefighters to extinguish it:

And now the very air that we breathe and the water that we drink is in jeopardy. The Ohio River carries water to five million people. If it gets contaminated, this will be an environmental crisis unlike any I have seen in my lifetime. If I were attempting to bring down the United States, I would do exactly this: attack food sources to cause shortages, attack environmental safety and farmland so that Americans can’t grow their own food and be self-sufficient due to poisoned soil and water, and stress America’s response capabilities by starting multiple emergencies nationwide.

What’s next? I shudder to think.

One thing is for sure. We need mainstream news to do their jobs now more than ever. It’s time to put aside political allegiances and use those massive investigative budgets to do good reporting and find out what’s behind all of this. Is anyone still thinking it’s just bad luck?

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