Pennsylvania Election Workers Describe Luzerne County Election Irregularities

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Bill Lawrence Online reported–

Luzerne County Election Irregularities — Pennsylvania county officials described, during an interview with PA Real News, massive voter irregularities in the Nov. 8 election.

Alyssa Fusaro of the Luzerne County Election Board said poll workers — including five judges of elections — cancelled at several precincts almost causing them to be shut down, and that several printers ran out of ballot paper.

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All these happened in Republican leaning places. No Democrat precincts were affected.

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She said the initial tally sheets were wildly unreconcilable for several polling places with one having a thousand vote discrepancy.

Mrs. Fusaro said she had affidavits from people unable to vote and there were places that turned voters away.

She said she was ordered out of the Election Bureau office by sheriff’s deputies the day after the election while she was trying to supervise things while on the phone with a county councilman.

“There was illegal activity that I witnessed,” she said. “There’s all kinds of things that happened, and I wasn’t going to certify no matter what.”

Luzerne County delayed certification due to the seriousness of the issues with Republicans Mrs. Fusaro and James Mangan voting against; Democrats Audrey Serniak and Denise Williams voting in favor and Democrat Daniel Schramm abstaining.

Mrs. Fusaro said Schramm switched after intimidation from Democrat Party leaders especially Councilman Tim McGinley.

For what it’s worth, she said learned about partisan activist lawyer Marc Elias after being sent an article from the Federalist just before the interview.

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