‘I saw mommy killing Santa Claus’: Read the Austin Transportation Department’s morbid twists on classic Christmas songs

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In a bid to encourage people to drive safely, the Austin Transportation Department posted a morbid twist on the lyrics of the classic Christmas song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” with the new lyrics painting a gruesome picture of a scene where a distracted driver fatally strikes Santa.

“I saw mommy killing Santa Claus He disappeared under the truck last night She didn’t see him cross the street, now his body’s a red streak She was reading on her phone the latest Tweet,” the department tweeted. “Then I saw EMS putting Santa Claus Underneath a sheet so snowy white Oh, what a sad day it has been With distraction yet again And Mommy killing Santa Claus last night,” the department added, before urging people to, “Drive safe for the holidays and put distractions away before you drive.”

The department posted a similarly grim twist on “Frosty the Snowman,” about “Frothy the snowman,” who drives after drinking and ends up dead.

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“Frothy the snowman Was a jolly happy soul He went out one night with all his bros After a few drinks he went home. Frothy the snowman is a sad story, we say He said ‘I’m fine to drive’ As he left the dive And pulled onto the highway,” the department tweeted. “Frothy’s car swerved off the road And into a snow drift It could have been avoided If he would just have called a Lyft Frothy the snowman Was dead as he could be And all his bros say they miss him At the happy hour at three,” the department added.

The department also posted a twist on “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” about Rudolf landing in jail after driving through a red light because he looked at his phone.

“Rudolph the red-light runner Looked down at his bright phone screen If he was only looking He would see his light wasn’t green. All of the other reindeer Have heard of this old tale But it’s too late for Rudolph Who’s sitting in the county jail,” the tweet reads.

Responding to the “I saw mommy killing Santa Claus” tweet, Austin city council member Mackenzie Kelly said that she had talked to Richard Mendoza and he apologized to Austin — Mendoza is listed as the department’s interim director.

“I have spoken with Richard Mendoza regarding the tweet. He apologized to the city and provided assurance that the department will establish better controls over messaging going forward,” Kelly tweeted.

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