Joe Biden’s Astonishing Pre-Midterm Lie Merits an Investigation

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The lies that Barack Obama spoke about the economy throughout his time in the White House were legendary. He would try to claim credit for anything that resembled good news, and he would place the blame for anything negative on anybody and anything else. To justify why his tax-and-spend plans had not been successful in bringing about an economic recovery, he asserted that the recession he had inherited was one of the worst in history, even though this was not the case.

Sadly, Joe Biden keeps following in Obama’s footsteps. In fact, his economic lies might actually make Obama look like an amateur fibber. In the second quarter of this year, the Biden administration reported a net gain of 1,121,500 jobs. However, it has since become clear that they were off.

Way off.

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According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, only about 10,500 new jobs were generated — a tenth of the employment that Biden claimed to have created — essentially meaning that job growth was flat in the second quarter. Employment numbers being revised is nothing new, but this was so egregiously off that the Biden administration is now being accused of fabricating employment figures in order to boost Democrats before the midterm elections.

“Wrong by a million jobs. This is outrageous,” Sen. Rick Scott, the head of the NRSC tweeted Friday. “@JoeBiden’s admin has been lying to the American people about our economy to prop up his failed agenda & I won’t stand for it. I’m requesting an immediate meeting with the head of @BLS_gov. WE NEED ANSWERS NOW!”

The fact that Biden claimed during the 2022 midterm election campaign that employment levels were at an all-time high makes the erroneous data much more problematic.

“In the second quarter of this year, we created more jobs than in any quarter under any of my predecessors in the nearly 40 years before the pandemic,” Mr. Biden said in July, citing the bogus BLS data. The numbers were repeatedly referenced by the White House as proof the nation wasn’t in a recession.

“The 1.1 million jobs created in the second quarter—an average of around 375,000 jobs per month—is more than three times more jobs created than in any three-month period leading up to a recession,” the White House claimed in a blog post.

The same figure was cited by the White House in a statement the following day. “The economy created more than 1.1 million jobs in the second quarter, or around 375k jobs per month. In recessions, the economy tends to lose jobs. The strength of the labor market, along with other economic indicators, is not what we generally see in a recession or even a pre-recession. The drop in unemployment all around the country is a sign of enormous progress, and puts the U.S. in a better position to fight the global challenges of inflation.”

And it was all a lie.

“This would be the top news story in America if the administration of a Republican President cooked books like this on a jobs report in the home stretch of a midterm election,” noted Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.)

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