Former House Speaker John Boehner gets choked up during remarks at event honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner became emotional while delivering remarks honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at a portrait unveiling ceremony on Wednesday.

Boehner, who served as speaker from early 2011 through late October 2015, became choked up when saying, in an apparent reference to his daughters, that his “girls” told him to tell Pelosi how much they admire her.

Boehner said that no other modern speaker has lead with the “authority” or “consistent results” as Pelosi, and he described the lawmaker as “one tough cookie.”

Pelosi later said of Boehner that she would have been a bit “disappointed if he did not get emotional.”

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Pelosi is the first and only woman ever to serve as speaker of the House. While she was recently elected to another term in office, she has opted not to seek the leadership role again. She has served as a lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives for more than three decades.

“John Boehner crying as he paid tribute to Nancy Pelosi is the perfect symbol of uniparty pathology,” Monica Crowley tweeted.

“Boehner crying in tribute to Pelosi while talking about how his daughters are Democrats is a pretty good summation of Republican leadership over the past couple of decades,” Ben Shapiro tweeted.

“While you’re sniveling at Pelosi’s portrait reveal, conservatives are weeping for America — precisely because our country’s greatness and potential have been squandered by The Uniparty…” Tim Meads wrote.

Guy Benson tweeted, “In fairness, Boehner cries about everything.”

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