Remains of 4 dead babies discovered in Boston apartment

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Police in Boston have made several gruesome discoveries in one particular apartment this month: The remains of four infants have been found after a 911 call alerted authorities to the area.

Around 2:15 p.m. on November 17, an unidentified 911 caller alerted police that they would find a “human fetus or infant” in a freezer in an apartment located on East Broadway on the south side of the city. And, indeed, when police arrived, they did discover remains in a freezer, just as the caller said.

However, investigators returned to the apartment the following day and found even more remains. In total, remains of four infants have been found in the apartment, two boys and two girls. Whether all four were discovered in the freezer is unclear.

The Independent has reported that police located four boxes, each approximately the size of a shoebox, in the apartment, and all four boxes were wrapped in foil. It is unclear whether the boxes were intended to be some sort of rudimentary interment. No news reports have yet indicated how long the remains have been kept in the apartment.

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Initial speculation about the case suggested that the remains might have been of human fetuses. However, a postmortem evaluation has determined that all four were infant babies, not fetuses. Autopsies on all four have been completed but have not yet been released, so the cause of death is not publicly known.

The apartment in question is a one-bedroom unit in a larger building with eight other apartments. It is also said to be on the second floor of the building. The Boston Herald claims that the same woman, who would likely be in her 60s, has owned the apartment since at least the 1980s, though whether she actually lives in the unit is unknown. The outlet reached out to the woman and to members of her family, but did not receive any comment.

Meanwhile, neighbors remain very unsettled about the discoveries made there.

One man said, “It’s horrible. I don’t understand how anyone can do that to any child or any baby at any stage of their life.”

Another man added, “Hopefully, [police will] hold whoever’s responsible accountable for what happened.”

Police say that the case remains under investigation. Currently, no arrests have been made.

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