‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #52: Fearless Red Wave Predictions and Stuff!

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(Reminder: Every episode is now in the Unwoke section of our new podcast page. I’ll still be doing teaser blurb posts in Columns as reminders that new episodes are up.)

Apologies for posting this so late but I’ve been way under the weather since about three hours after we recorded it (it’s not Bat Flu, btw).

Kevin and I have been doing our election predictions for the last few episodes so it only made sense that we let that take up a lot of the time this week. Not gonna lie, we’re in a pretty festive mood.


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These predictions don’t come with any kind of guarantee. If we’re horribly wrong then we’re all going to end up in a gulag and our prognostication flaws will be the least of your worries.

Odds are pretty good that we’re not too far off though. I will amend something I said near the end: If the GOP does take back the Senate, I think it will be a four-seat pickup, not five. The tequila was hitting me.

Let’s hope we’re right.


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