Karine: “We Inherited an Economy That Was in Ruins”

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The administration has no problem pushing Karine Jean-Pierre out on the Sunday talk show loop to blatantly lie about the reality of the economy. Karine is very comfortable with mistruths as she is guilty of spreading them daily. She validated her claim with only one fact. She stated the unemployment rate in January 2021 was 6% and is now at a historic low of 3.4%. She fails to point out that we were still under lockdowns in 2021, which explains the 6%. And those workers returning is what brought the rate down to 3.4%. It was not Biden’s policies. It was the workplace opening up after the Pandemic. Karine didn’t dare compare the 1.2% inflation rate Biden inherited and how he blew it up to 8.2%

Joe, one thing we know about you from your fifty years in Washington is how the truth challenges you. Remember how you ran for President twice before 2020 and had to drop out in disgrace because you plagiarized yourself twice? Well, apparently, the Democrats don’t remember either, as they lined up behind you in 2020. You have kept your staff busy for the last two years mopping up after your exaggerations, mistruths, and lies. The mainstream media that had covered for you since the campaign now have to call a spade a spade and call you out. The midterms are less than ten days away, and you are on another vacation in Delaware. The Democrats are okay with that, as they do not want you near their campaigns.

Here is a collection of Pinocchio-worthy statements from Joe:

  • There was no vaccine when I took office
  • You will not get COVID if you take the jab
  • Inflation will be transitory
  • Our economy is strong as hell
  • I never told migrants to come to America
  • Build Back Better will cost zero dollars
  • I never talked to my son about his business dealings
  • High gas prices ate Putin’s fault
  • Gas was $5 a gallon when I took office
  • Afghanistan was the most successful evacuation in history

That is just the Top 10, and, of course, I could go on, but this is why no Democrat wants Joe Biden anywhere near their campaign. He has lost any semblance of credibility, and anything he would say would need to be walked back by the White House.

Credibility might be the essential characteristic in a person, but certainly in a leader. Credibility has always been a problem with Biden, but voters looked past it, and now we are paying the price. This shortcoming has hurt us tremendously on the global stage. There is little respect for Biden or any of his surrogates from foreign allies and foes alike. You cannot respect those you cannot trust. The fallout from the White House will be seen on November 8th. The failures of the Biden administration have left nothing for Democrats in Congress or state-level government to run on. This lack of a solid and positive message is why the polls have tightened to dead even, or Republicans leading in solidly blue states.

Nobody trusts polls, and there is only one that is important, and that is Election Day. However, the panic we see in Democrats indicates they are seeing doom in their immediate future. Many are getting their resumes updated and calling lobbyists for job opportunities. I have been tempered in my expectations, but I am getting more confident in a beautiful red wave next Tuesday.

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