Actor Jon Voight Says Democrats ‘Don’t Know What Right And Wrong Is’ (VIDEO)

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Conservative actor Jon Voight recently gave an interview to Newsmax TV and spoke about a wide range of political issues.

He said that Biden is undoing all the good work that Trump did.

He also suggested that Democrats lack the ability to tell right from wrong.

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Newsmax reports:

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Jon Voight to Newsmax: Biden ‘Systematically Eliminating’ Trump’s Progress

Legendary actor Jon Voight told Newsmax on Tuesday that President Joe Biden is attempting to “systematically eliminate” all the progress the U.S. made under former President Donald Trump.

“We had President Trump take a look at the problems when he came into office, and he solved them one after the other because he’s a person that’s a doer and he’s a problem-solver,” Voight explained, adding that Biden’s White House is attempting to reverse those strides.

During the “Rob Schmitt Tonight” interview, Voight also attributed much of the trouble afflicting California — including poor leadership, soaring crime, and rising homelessness — as “a problem of morality.”

“They don’t know what right and wrong is,” he concluded. “It seems like something simple like that, you know. So, they [California authorities] pass on people who are dangerous to the community, and we’ve seen lots of unfortunate things happen. A lot of people have been victimized by so many people, and then they put them back on the streets too.”

In spite of all of that, Voight seems optimistic about the future and the midterms in November.

Watch the video below:

Jon Voight is a great actor and a true patriot.

Hollywood could use more people like him.

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