Rapper Kanye West, Calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Scam’

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Kanye may not have won the 2020 election but he did just win the hearts of those who agree that the Black Lives Matter movement is built on a lie. 

Kanye West debuted controversial “White Lives Matter” attire during Paris Fashion Week in France. Numerous celebrities pitched a fit but West doubled down on his views insisting that “Black Lives Matter was a scam.”

His shirts were long-sleeved and featured the late Pope John Paul II on the front and the words “White Lives Matter” printed on the back. 

West wore the T-shirt while giving a speech before the show that triggered grouches in the audience and online. 

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Will Smith’s son Jaden, most popularly known from his role as the Karate Kid, literally walked out of the show. 

“I Had To Dip Lol,” he tweeted at 1:35. About 45-minutes later he added “I Don’t Care Who’s It Is If I Don’t Feel The Message I’m Out.” An hour later Smith gave a simple “Black Lives Matter,” followed by another tweet around 6 PM, “We Demand A More Progressive Future.” 

I really don’t understand his choice to start every word with a capital letter. Maybe he thought his thoughts would be more impactful? If so, it didn’t work. 

BET News host Marc Lamont Hill called West’s shirts “disgusting” and “dangerous.” Hill posted a photo where West stood alongside none other than Candice Owens who smiled in support of the message. 

Rapper Boosie BadAzz suggested that West bleach his skin white after wearing the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt.

West was also referred to as various derogatory terms like “an idiot” a “piece of shit” a “fraud” and a “fucking loser.”

Nonetheless, West doesn’t seem to care. 

West shared a statement on his Instagram the morning of Oct 4. It appears to have since been deleted but numerous blue checks grabbed a screenshot. 


Despite the social media storm of controversy, West is actually correct. 

The Black Lives Matter movement, in and of itself, is a corrupt, self-proclaimed Marxist money making ploy. There’s been numerous reports of million dollar mansions bought as well as various money funneling allegations by the founders of the movement. 

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