NewsBusters Podcast: ‘Oppressed’ Black Journalist Explains Going Back to Africa

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Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine carried a cover story titled “Why I’m Leaving America” by Post reporter DeNeen Brown. “As a Black woman, I want freedom from oppression.” She wants to “move among people who look like me,” and not have to debate America’s incurable racism.

Brown focused on a string of police killing of black men, including men like Michael Brown, who reached into a policeman’s car for his gun shortly after a robbery. She did not contend with the idea that the number one killer of blacks in America is other blacks.

In addition to the Brown cover story, there’s a wild piece in the back of that same magazine from columnist Damon Young, who’s trashing Christopher Rufo, claiming that he is operating a backlash from people who fear “the decentering of Whiteness.” He dared to associate “reality” with the history-mangling journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Plus: In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, advice columnist “Minaa B.” advises a millennial who complains “My parents are racist,” and she can’t seem to fix them. Minaa says it’s hard when you have relatives that want to vote for candidates who oppress people of color (that must mean Republicans.) 

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