Where are American Feminists During the Biggest Women’s Rights Protests Ever in the Muslim World?

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The Muslim world has never seen anything like the massive protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who authorities pulled off the streets of Tehran and placed under arrest because too much of her hair was showing under her headscarf. Amini died while in the custody of the Morality Police, and that spark has generated a firestorm of protests.

This sort of outrage happens in Iran on a regular basis. But this time, leading the protests are Iranian women. In a country where you can be jailed — or killed — for not covering your head in public, Iranian women are saying in no uncertain terms that enough is enough and they will no longer take fashion advice from septuagenarian degenerates who believe women should be wrapped head to toe in a burlap sack until they’re married.

So in what must be terribly shocking videos to many in the Iranian leadership, women are ripping off their headscarves or hijabs and throwing them on a bonfire.

Attention lefties: This is really “speaking truth to power” — not that fake ‘courage” you claim every time you exercise your First Amendment rights and call Donald Trump a bad name.

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This would seem a tailor-made issue for the global feminist movement to embrace and support their sisters dying in the streets of 100 Iranian cities. Indeed, there were hundreds of protesters demonstrating in cities across Europe.

But most of them, according to AFP, were Iranian expats. For that matter, where, oh where, are the American feminists who are AWOL from the largest, most influential women’s rights protests in the history of the Muslim world?

Not a peep from the National Organization of Women. Ditto the Feminist Majority.

AOC tweeted a shoutout to Iranian women but compared Iranian clerics with “the same patriarchal and autocratic forces repressing women the world over.” Hey! We resemble that remark!

As for the rest of “The Squad,” nada. Ed Morrissey puts the pathetic response of the limousine liberals in perspective.

What a brain-dead, pathetic narcissist she is.

Susan Sarandon’s yakking about the Palestinians. Nothing from Madonna either (talk about courage – checking THAT FEED took some, I’ll have you know). Linda Sarsour hasn’t the courage to defend their bravery herself – she’s busy retweeting other people.

What revolting, entitled hypocrites, who can’t see past their Tesla’s hood or pet cause to find a real injustice to get behind.

American feminists are far too busy ratcheting up the hysteria over restrictions in some states that prevent women from getting an abortion up to — and after — the moment of birth. Their sisters in Iran could use a little help in spreading the word. Getting arrested during the protests can be hazardous to a woman’s health.

Yes, Iran is so far away, and Americans can’t really do anything about it. Besides, we might make things worse for Iranian women if we encourage them, right? Not really, but it sounds like a great excuse.

Iranian women have a lot to protest about. As harsh and draconian as Iran’s dress code has been, it got worse under President Ebrahim Raisi.

New York Times:

In July, the president ordered all “responsible entities and institutions” to devise a strategy for stepping up hijab enforcement. Violations, he said, were damaging the values of the Islamic Republic and “promoting corruption.”

Iran’s chief prosecutor declared his support for barring women who were improperly covered from getting access to social and government services, including the subway. The Ministry of Guidance ordered movie theaters to stop showing women in ads.

The hijab may be the least of the Iranian women’s worries. A collapsing economy, sickening corruption, and suffocating repression make the quality of life for the average Iranian woman far less comfortable and secure.

But until Iranian dissidents start shooting back, the regime holds all the cards. They’ve got the guns. And unless or until that changes, any “revolution” in Iran will be snuffed out.

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