Damaged Light Fixture That Shattered at Tysons Corner Shopping Mall Causes Gun Scare (VIDEO)

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An active shooter was reported at Nordstrom’s at Tysons Corner shopping mall in Tysons, Virginia on Sunday.

Shoppers were seen running for safety after hearing what they thought was gunfire.


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According to Fox 3 Now, Fairfax Police said a damaged light fixture that shattered caused the scare.

Fox 3 Now reported:

According to police, a damaged light fixture that shattered Sunday afternoon at Tysons Corner Mall in Tysons, Virginia, caused a fright.

Police are looking into reports of shooting inside Tysons Corner Mall on Sunday afternoon in Tysons, Virginia.

Fairfax County Police confirm to FOX3 that the boom that scared mall patrons was caused by a shattered light fixture, not gunfire.

Police did not say what happened to make the light fixture break.

It wasn’t clear right away if the mall would stay open for the rest of Sunday.

Recall, there was an active shooter reported at Tysons Corner Mall in June.

Shoppers fled the prominent Northern Virginia Tyson’s Corner Mall in June after several gunshots were heard.

There were no reports of injuries.

Fairfax County Police reported, “Officers on scene for shots fired at 7900 Tysons Corner Center. A fight broke out between a small group, one man described as a blk male in a blk hoodie w/blk jeans & white shoes displayed a firearm & discharged weapon. No reports of injuries right now. Avoid area.”

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