Elon Musk easily TRIGGERS Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales with 5-word tweet amid recession definition feud

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After the U.S. posted two straight quarters of negative GDP growth, the Biden administration conveniently decided to change the conventional (though not “technical,” according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen) definition of “recession.” Recent changes to the “recession” page on Wikipedia now have people wondering if the online encyclopedia has conveniently changed the conventional definition of “objective.”

After a revision war erupted on Wikipedia’s “recession” page, administrators locked the page from any further edits. Some people on Twitter seemed to find the newly un-editable version suspiciously favorable to Democrats.

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That’s when Elon Musk jumped into the fray. “Wikipedia is losing its objectivity,” Musk tweeted and tagged Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wales responded by inviting Musk to call him for a “real discussion,” but only after saying “Reading too much Twitter nonsense is making you stupid.”

On “The Glenn Beck Program,” Glenn said he thinks the left would do anything to win an argument or to justify its radical policy positions, including alter our language. In the video clip below, Glenn details how those on the left have recently manipulated the meanings of at least seven words just to rationalize their out-of-touch political ideas.

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