The Kruiser Kabana Episode 189: My New Bar Cart Is Also My New Therapist

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As I mentioned in Wednesday’s Morning Briefing, the Townhall Mothership’s new podcast portal went live yesterday. Now when you click “Podcasts” at the top of the homepage you’ll see the logos for each of our podcasts, as well as one or two from our sister sites. Rather than seeing individual posts for each episode, clicking the logo will take you to a playlist of all of the episodes. You can also subscribe to your favorites now. We may have more offerings from the other sites soon.

I will still do a post with a blurb about each episode in the “Columns” section now, as well as provide a heads-up in the Briefing.

The title of this episode explains a lot. I got a new bar cart last week and, put mildly, my life has been transformed.


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Here is the link to the Kruiser Kabana page. Enjoy!

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