‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #45: Racist Libs and the Debut of the Magic Mescaline Pony

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We just might have a new mascot for the “Unwoke” merchandise we’re soon going to be hawking.


OK, it probably won’t look like that. I do hope that Kevin and I can make it weirder.

By the way, we actually have committed to working on merch ideas soon. One day the “Unwoke Comedy Tour” will finally get back on the road and then the public will need things to remember us by.

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After that, we occupy Canada on a whim.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t all there, we did manage to hit some red meat topics.

As always, we wrap with “Douchebag of the Week Not Named Joe Biden” and “The Thing That Didn’t Suck.”

Because tradition.


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