The Stand Against Transgender Insanity Is One We All Must Take

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This week, Twitter suspended Canadian clinical psychologist and author Jordan Peterson.

“Remember when pride was a sin?” he asked in the tweet that got him suspended. “And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

Twitter responded to the tweet by telling him he violated its “rules against hateful conduct” and reminded him that he “may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease,” which, of course, he didn’t. It was the same boilerplate statement Twitter told me when it permanently banned me earlier this year.

Like me, Peterson did not “promote violence against” or “threaten” anyone with his tweet.

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Peterson says that the suspension means he’s essentially been banned because, he explains, “the suspension will not be lifted unless I delete the ‘hateful’ tweet in question, and I would rather die than do that.”

“And hopefully it will not come to that,” he added, “although who the hell knows in these increasingly strange days?”

Twitter would be hard-pressed to explain why his tweet violated its terms of service, while tweets that literally promoted and threatened violence against Justice Clarence Thomas did not result in the suspension or banning of users.

So we should admit that Twitter isn’t particularly concerned with violent threats because it clearly condones them against people it doesn’t like — namely conservatives.

This was clearly because Peterson “deadnamed’ Page. Since transitioning, Page goes by the first name Elliot, and it’s considered “harmful” by the trans movement to refer to her by her previous name.

Some readers ask me why I typically refer to trans people by their chosen name. I’m far more willing to acknowledge that people, regardless of transgender status, can legally change their name and go on the assumption that any transgender person I’ve written about, be it Lia Thomas, Caitlyn Jenner, or Rachel Levine, has done so.

However, like Peterson, I will use their biologically and grammatically correct pronouns every time. I don’t care if they call it “misgendering” because it’s not. For example, Lia Thomas, Caitlyn Jenner, and Rachel Levine are all men, and I will use masculine pronouns in reference to each of them.

However, Elliot Page is a woman. I don’t care what hormones she’s been treated with, that she had her breasts removed, or that she identifies as a man now. Every cell in her body is female, and so is she — end of story.

It is not our job to validate the delusions of transgender people. It doesn’t matter what they “identify” as, but we’re legitimizing their fantasies when we cave and start referring to people by their preferred pronouns.

Peterson says he “would rather die” than capitulate to the woke mob. I know he’s serious and means it because I can empathize. I can still remember when the big cause of the LGBT movement was legalizing same-sex marriage. Advocates told us then, “what does it matter what consenting adults do?”

How many people were conned into thinking that, once same-sex marriage was made legal, the crusade would end there? Because it clearly did not. Same-sex couples weren’t content simply to be able to get married legally. They had to push their beliefs on others, forcing Christians with moral objections to homosexuality to bake their wedding cakes instead of just finding a willing baker.

The transgender movement expanded the forced compliance of others exponentially with its push to have the masses sanction the gender dysphoria of transgenders by calling them whatever pronouns they preferred and upending societal norms to accommodate them. If we don’t, they call us bigots. Many don’t speak out because they’re afraid of the repercussions of doing so. Yet polls show that those of us who resist the transgender madness are in the majority. We just have to speak up. We can’t be bullied into silence; otherwise, they win.

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