Welcome to Post-Roe World. Now, Real Work Begins for Pro-Life Activists.

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Roe v. Wade is history. After nearly 50 years and 63 million lives lost, the Supreme Court has ruled that there’s no constitutional right to abortion. But now, the true work of the pro-life movement is beginning. 

It’s now up to the American people and their elected state leaders whether or not they will be a voice for those who have none. Already, 26 states have put laws in place to protect babies in the womb. 

More women facing unplanned pregnancies are going to need physical and emotional support. Pregnancy help centers will require increased resources to meet the needs of their communities. The good news is that the pro-life movement is ready. 

On today’s edition of the “Problematic Women” podcast, we break down some of the ways the pro-life community can put their beliefs into action and help women and girls. 

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Also on today’s show, we take some time to celebrate the historic nature of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe.

Plus, we debunk some of the lies being spread by the pro-abortion movement about what happens next, and as always, we crown our “Problematic Woman of the Week.” 

Listen to the podcast below.

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