Marxist curriculum is a roadmap for creating a new generation of radicals

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If you have not read some of the more radical curricula taught around the country, allow Mark Levin to fix that.

Every course is an opportunity for Marxists to indoctrinate kids. In the past, to suggest that the school’s curriculum was a hotbed of propaganda was waved away because of the subtle ways propagandists wrote the material.

In this clip from “LevinTV,” Mark discusses educational material that will continue corrupting the impressionable minds of children in this nation.

Art curriculum, for example, includes a lesson called Culture Jamming. In this lesson, students explore the use of street art for “critiquing society and broadcasting subversive messages about race and social justice,” and then they get to “design their graffiti art pieces using stencils.” Their challenge is to design art that “challenges their viewers to look at or think about an aspect of race or social justice from a new perspective.”

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One lesson is on “Favianna Rodriguez and printmaking for social justice.” The point of this lesson is to form an understanding of using printmaking for activism.

If that example was not enough to illustrate how schools brainwash children, try this one on for size.

Literature that teaches students about themselves and others to support students in grappling with themes of race identity and intersectionality to help students think more expansively about what constitutes a text and to demonstrate that all texts grapple with identity and race either explicitly or implicitly.

The mathematics lesson discussed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and a Supreme Court Case ruling that DACA was unconstitutional.

Mark summarizes the curriculum as “learning to hate the Supreme Court.” Establishing the existence of the racial wealth gap and how prison gerrymandering harms communities of color. Also, food deserts in low-income communities and redlining racially discriminatory housing practices. Perpetuating the narrative that police killings of people of color are systemic. In other words, taking the American Marxist movement and teaching the most radical elements to children.

Watch the clip for Mark’s complete reaction to what appears to be a roadmap for creating a new generation of little radicals.

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