Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Jeff Gladney Killed in Car Crash

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Arizona Cardinals cornerback Jeff Gladney, 25, was killed in a car crash very early Monday morning.

According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, two vehicles were involved in the car crash at around 2:28 am – the people in the other vehicle were not injured.

Officers arrived to the scene of the crash to an overturned vehicle.

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A male and a female were deceased.

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CBS News reported:

Two people are dead after an early morning crash on the service road of the Woodall Rogers Freeway in Dallas.

Police say it was just before 2:30 a.m. when deputies were sent to the westbound lanes of Woodall Rogers, near Allen Street. Dispatchers had received reports of a major accident involving an overturned vehicle in the grassy area.

Once at the scene deputies found two vehicles wrecked and two people dead. Officials later confirmed that it was a male and a female in one of the cars that died in the accident — their names won’t be released until they are positively identified and next of kin is notified.

Investigators say their preliminary information indicates one vehicle was speeding and clipped the second vehicle from behind. The speeding vehicle lost control and hit the pier beam of the Woodall Rogers Freeway. The second vehicle was also occupied by two people but neither was seriously injured.

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