‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #41: Monty Python Lives!

Political News

Kevin and I agreed ahead of this episode that we would acknowledge the tragedy in Texas but not dwell on it. We’d both written about it and will be writing more in the future but sometimes the comedians just need to be a distraction.

So we talked a little about Monty Python.


OK, we also talked about Stacey Abrams and Rodney Dangerfield. We’re very well-rounded guys. For the record, both of us think that Rodney is (was) a lot funnier than Stacey Abrams.

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Our usual segments are there and, as always, we try to end on a high note. Or a happy note. We’re drinkers, not stoners.

A couple of our VIP friends get shouts in this episode too.


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