Family Dollar recalling various products after FDA finds rodents, excrement, urine, and more during inspection of distribution facility

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Family Dollar is engaging in a voluntary recall of a variety of products after a U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation found that a distribution facility in Arkansas had been infested with rodents.

The FDA noted that after a consumer complaint it started an investigation of the distribution center last month — the government agency noted that Family Dollar stopped distributing products within days of when the inspection team arrived at the facility.

“Conditions observed during the inspection included live rodents, dead rodents in various states of decay, rodent feces and urine, evidence of gnawing, nesting and rodent odors throughout the facility, dead birds and bird droppings, and products stored in conditions that did not protect against contamination,” the FDA reported.

“More than 1,100 dead rodents were recovered from the facility following a fumigation at the facility in January 2022. Additionally, a review of the company’s internal records also indicated the collection of more than 2,300 rodents between Mar. 29 and Sep. 17, 2021, demonstrating a history of infestation,” according to the FDA.

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The company announced in a press release that it is voluntarily recalling certain FDA-regulated items that had been shipped to hundreds of stores from the Arkansas distribution center. The 404 stores are located in several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

“To date, Family Dollar is not aware of any consumer complaints or reports of illness related to this recall,” the company noted. “Products covered by this retail level recall include all: (i) drugs; (ii) medical devices; (iii) cosmetics; (iv) dietary supplements; and (v) human and animal (pet) food products. The recall does not apply to products shipped directly to the stores by the distributor or manufacturer, such as all frozen and refrigerated items.”

The FDA noted that, “Consumers are advised not to use and to contact the company regarding impacted products. The agency is also advising that all drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements, regardless of packaging, be discarded. Food in non-permeable packaging (such as undamaged glass or all-metal cans) may be suitable for use if thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Consumers should wash their hands immediately after handling any products from the affected Family Dollar stores.”

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