New Mexico GOP calls for prominent Democrat state lawmaker to step down over drunk driving arrest

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The Republican Party of New Mexico is calling on a Democrat state lawmaker to step down after she was arrested for drunk driving and two other charges on a “Super Bowl saturation patrol” traffic stop.

State Rep. Georgene Louis of Albuquerque was stopped on Sunday evening by a police officer who said he smelled alcohol during their interaction.

“The officer did conduct standardized field sobriety tests and a breath test; they were administered, which supported the suspicion of impaired driving,” Santa Fe Deputy Chief Ben Valdez.

She was booked early Monday morning at the Santa Fe County jail.

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“Rep. Louis should do the right thing and resign from her House seat,” said New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce in a statement.

“She faces criminal charges, and this kind of behavior does not coincide with that of a responsible public servant,” he added. “Rep. Louis has violated the public trust, let down her constituents and endangered the lives of innocents. New Mexico deserves better.”

Later on Monday, Louis released a statement of apology through her attorney but she did not resign.

“I am sorry and I deeply regret my lapse in judgment,” said the statement. “I know I let so many people down. I am accepting responsibility for my mistake. I am prioritizing my health, and I will work hard to regain the trust of my constituents, my community and my family.”

Louis has been a legislator in New Mexico House of Representatives for nine years. She is the chair of the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee. That committee canceled its meeting scheduled for Monday.

In addition to the DWI charge, Louis was charged with speeding, driving without insurance, and failing to show proof of registration.

She is the third member of the New Mexico legislature to be arrested for drunk driving since 2018.

Here’s a local news report about her arrest:

Albuquerque state rep arrested for DWI

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