Suspicious Timing in Richmond

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Voters cast their ballots to vote in state and local elections at Robious Elementary School in Midlothian, a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, U.S. November 5, 2019. (Ryan M. Kelly/Reuters)

In response to The Richmond Public Schools Division Is Doing Terry McAuliffe No Favors in Virginia

As Charlie notes, the Richmond, Virginia schools abruptly deciding that they need to close the days before and after Election Day (they already had Election Day off) for employee “mental health” perfectly captures the attitude of the schools that Glenn Youngkin is running against in the Virginia governor’s race. It does not take too much cynicism, however, to also notice that, as the race tightens in polls, Terry McAuliffe’s most faithful backers – the public school bureaucracy and teachers – are suddenly freeing up their people, still paid on the taxpayer’s dime, to go electioneer and get the vote out the day before the election.

Sometimes, things with apparently suspicious timing really are just coincidences. But when the official explanation is so implausible that it insults your intelligence, a little cynicism goes a long way.

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