VIP GOLD LIVE CHAT With Paula Bolyard, Megan Fox, Victoria Taft, and Stacey Lennox

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It’s Talk Tuesday at 1 PM EDT (at this link) with our esteemed head honcho Paula and my colleagues Megan. Victoria, and Stacey.

Among the scheduled topics for this episode are the creepier-by-the-day White House collusion with Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook censorship wraiths. This chat is behind the paywall, so it’s a safe space. For now, anyway.

The ladies will also be delving into what a violent you-know-what-show the blue cities that defunded the police have devolved into. For those keeping score at home, I used two words in that sentence that began with a “d” and had at least one “v.”

There will also be some discussion about the completely overhauled Department of Energy, which is now back firmly in control of the Big Green lobby.

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We all have a lot of fun with these live chats and, as always, would like to express our gratitude to our VIP and VIP Gold subscribers. If you aren’t one yet, you can try it for a month or two by subscribing here.

A full replay will be available for those who can’t make it there for the live event.


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