The Kruiser Kabana Episode 129: We Shouldn’t Allow Europe to Have Opinions

Political News
Amuse Me, Eurotrash

Oval Office occupier Joe Biden’s trip to Cornhole, England or something has given the sputtering leftist rump kissers in the mainstream media a chance to fall back on one of their favorite idiotic narratives: the world loves our presidents when they’re Democrats, and hates them when they’re Republican. Democrats are all Euro-fetishists, so they get all weak in the knees especially when someone from that vestigial continent winks at a Dem POTUS.


It’s wearisome.

In this episode I explore my feelings about why real Americans shouldn’t care one whit about what Europeans think. Spoiler: it’s about more than just the way the French smell. There are times when I find Europeans so annoying that I secretly wish that my ancestors were all from somewhere in South America.

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As always, thank you, my VIP friends for just being you.


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