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Security personnel outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Hubei Province, China, February 3, 2021 (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

As you have probably seen around the website this past week, we have been highlighting the brilliant work of Jim Geraghty and other writers who fearlessly reported the facts on hand without regard to the cultural zeitgeist. Most notably, Jim drew attention to the plausibility of the Wuhan lab-leak theory.

Enemies of the Right and National Review were very quick to dismiss this possibility, and worse, to depict those who defended it as conspiracy theorists, racists, and xenophobes. But there was no evidence disproving it. A lab leak was totally plausible — heck, even likely — and because that was the case, it is what Jim and others at NR reported.

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National Review does not do what is popular for revenue or accolades. We do not waver in our principles for convenience. We defend our national institutions and conservative values with honest, hard-hitting, quality journalism, analysis, and opinion. This comes with a great cost and it makes us depend on everyday readers and happy warriors like you to answer our call for help and donate to the mission. We now have a new, ambitious goal of $100K, and with your help, we can show the world how much readers appreciate and desire real, quality reporting and not just convenient narratives that appease political agendas.

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From all of us here at National Review, thank you for all of your support, and, together, let’s continue to fight the Left’s progressive, anti-American agenda.

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