Facts Emerging from the Derek Chauvin Trial Show a Different Picture than the One Portrayed by Media

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Some updates on the Derek Chauvin trial.

Writer Paul Craig Roberts has been reporting the facts (not the spin) regarding the Derek Chauvin trial from Minneapolis.  Unfortunately, the visual “evidence” was constantly hyped all over the media. What people thought they saw was not the explanation…… It will take a heroic jury to find Chauvin innocent.

(The excerpts below were written by Paul Craig Roberts from Anastasia Katz’s detailed report on Derek Chauvin’s Trial through Day 5.  You can read the entire 11,600 word report here:  https://www.unz.com/article/the-derek-chauvin-trial/)

Here’s Roberts’ report:

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“Under cross-examination, defense lawyer Eric Nelson asked if drug use could cause hypoxia, and the doctor said it could. Mr. Nelson inquired about Floyd’s high carbon dioxide levels, and whether that could be caused by Fentanyl. Dr. Langenfeld said that it could; the “primary reason” Fentanyl is so dangerous is that is depresses the lungs. A high carbon dioxide level causes shortness of breath, even without stress. The doctor also said that Fentanyl causes sleepiness, and Mr. Nelson said in his Opening Statement that he would produce a witness to testify that Floyd was very sleepy before the police showed up.”…

…Mr. Nelson showed the lieutenant a photo of a paramedic checking George Floyd’s carotid pulse by feeling the side of Floyd’s neck while Officer Chauvin still had his knee on him. “In your experience, would you be able to touch the carotid artery if the knee was on the carotid artery?” Lt. Mercil replied, “No, sir.”

The defense then showed a screenshot from one of the officers’ body cameras, that showed Officer Chauvin holding Floyd down. Lt. Mercil agreed that Officer Chauvin’s shin appeared to be across Floyd’s shoulder blade, not on his neck. There were two other screenshots with different time stamps that also showed Officer Chauvin’s shin across Floyd’s shoulder blade.

When he looked at a fourth photo that showed Officer Chauvin’s knee, the lieutenant said this seemed to be a “hold,” not a neck restraint. He conceded that it’s possible he had to hold someone down for 10 minutes in his own police career, and that he had held people down while waiting for Emergency Medical Services. He has trained officers to do this…

…“In cross examination, Eric Nelson asked an intriguing question: Was Chief Arradondo familiar with “Camera Perspective Bias.” The chief said he was not. Camera Perspective Bias refers to the fact that the point of view from which you see an event can change your opinion of it.

Two videos were shown in court, both separately and side-by-side. The side-by-side version matched the timing of the two videos, so you could see the same event from two points of view. One video was taken by 17-year-old Darnella Frazier with her phone and the other was video from Officer J. Alexander Kueng’s body camera. From Darnella Frazier’s perspective, it looks like Officer Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s neck — but Police Chief Arradondo agreed that from the perspective of Officer Kueng’s body cam, Officer Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade. Up until that moment, the chief said he thought the knee had been on Floyd’s neck.”

We’ll see what occurs this week.  One thing is sure, the city is preparing for the worst.

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  1. I have always been on the Police side, even when I have been mistreated and discriminated against by police officers. With Floyd, this officer went too far, I do not care about the viewing angle of the cameras, the man was pleading to let him breathe, the officer failed to protect a citizen. if Four or five officers are afraid of a handcuffed man they are in the wrong business. This guy is guilty

    1. Standard practice for 95% of perpetrator’s is “I Can’t Breathe.” I myself had seen it when I was on a ride along with a CHP friend of mine The suspect was buying time to flee. The reason for the stop the driver was impaired weaving across the freeway.

    2. Of course you don’t care, the different angle doesn’t show what you want it to show. As far as saying he couldn’t breathe, he was talking so he was breathing. The man was a thug and a convicted felon who had committed serious illegal acts, like holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while his buddies ransacked the house and that’s just one example. With that in mind, any person with an ounce of brains would understand that this thug was capable of saying and doing anything so the normal course of action would be to keep this guy completely immobilized until it was time to load him in the police van. Of course what I just said makes absolutely perfect sense but that wouldn’t matter because it’s not in line with whatever it is here you are trying to do.

        1. Hey, Man!
          The racist AG got his job from you guys, the MN voters. Used to be people running for public service jobs were sworn to uphold and defend the law. There used to be no way people with baggage like racism to get voted into these offices. I could be really blunt and say “Hey, Man, you voted him in!”, but I prefer to think along the lines of “let’s get the asshole voted out of his office and replace him with somebody who has the bottom-line values we need”.
          There was also not the overt proclivity for these assholes to be sold to the public by politicians who need someone in such a position to do their bidding. Used to be people didn’t pay too much mind to the candidates and their backgrounds, their associates and other crooked candidates. Over the last 50 years, I bet there would be an alarming trend towards an increase of under-the-table deals being made with taxpayer funds. Now, all of that wheeling and dealing dealing goes on above-board in full view of the public by people who were voted into the offices they hold.
          But back to the racist AG: that is just a goddamn shame since these pricks can’t just be fired. They are given four or six-year terms so they can accomplish something related to their position and expertise. By the time they show their true colors, you are just STUCK with them. But remember this: no one is above the law. If you catch them with their hands where they don’t belong, don’t be afraid to put the pressure on and expose the wrongdoing. You CAN prevail, but be prepared for the long fight. They don’t give up easily and they always o down swinging.

      1. Precisely! The guilty person is the drug dealer who was in the car with Floyd and who told him to swallow the drugs. The drugs killed him.

    3. Sebastian, apparently you have never been a police officer and had to deal with people on drugs. Speaking from experience, you cannot take a chance even when they are handcuffed because they will hurt you and anyone in the area if given the chance. I was injured by one years ago and am still suffering the consequences. So you passing a guilty verdict on Officer Chauvin is completely wrong!

      1. The video of Derek Chauvin apparently ignoring George Floyd’s plea where he said “I can’t breathe” is very damning to Chauvin’s case even if his knee wasn’t on Floyd’s neck. If I were on the jury I would need an explanation why his plea was apparently ignored before I’d vote not guilty. Even If Chauvin thought Floyd was “crying wolf” it doesn’t bode well Patrick. The question remains, if Chauvin had responded and attempted to assist him to breathe, would Floyd be alive today? Is he guilty of murder? My response would be No. Is he guilty of a lessor crime where he failed to respond to a person in distress while serving as an arresting officer, my response is Yes.

        1. Floyd also said he was claustrophobic yet he seemed comfortable behind the wheel of his own car. If one can articulate the words “I can’t breathe”, then they can. If you truly can’t breathe then air can’t pass your vocal chords & you can’t articulate words. Cops hear it so often, they become inured to it.

        2. The explanation you are seeking was given by one of the State’s witnesses (Prosecution) who explained that the Officer’s were controlling the subject while they scanned an angry mob/crowd as they awaited the medical assistance for which they requested. They have a responsibility to also keep themselves safe while doing their job controlling a combative resister. That medical response arrived, and did a “stow and go” rather than addressing any of Floyd’s complaints on the scene. That means they just packaged him up and got him, and them, out of there. Why? Because even they recognized the volatile, mob scene, danger to themselves and the Police. After the prosecution’s “expert” witness finished, the question was raised as to whether it was the angry, knee jerk crowd (Another black man being victimized by white Police Officers!) that in fact had been the cause of the 9 minute delay (and now known to be false “knee on the neck” outcry).

          You speak from a position of ignorance of how the whole thing works and your naïveté leads you to a conclusion not yet in evidence. You and Sebastian Reyes (above) need to hold your horses and let ALL of the evidence come out before condemning a man for what has yet to be proven. (I’m guessing you missed the expert testimony about the delay and the crowd issue. Therein lies the problem with your conclusion, you are proceeding with a lack of information.)

        3. Hey Mike, The main reason why Chauvin “ignored” Floyd’s stating “I can’t breathe”; IF you view the entire video (it’s like 20 minutes; I was stunned the police put up with his shite for so long), Floyd says “I can’t breathe” throughout the entire video; even when no one is touching him he continually repeats “I can’t breathe”. What the Hell do you do with someone that high, that BIG?? Obviously, Chauvin was “de-sensitized” to Floyd saying it after so many times, as Floyd seemed to get along just fine when he said “I can’t breathe”. For me, just viewing the entire video cleared up the entire situation for me. Floyd would be here today if Floyd himself hadn’t done the NUMEROUS things he did; i.e., take heavy drugs, break the law (drugs weren’t why they were there, just an additive of illegal behavior), ignore officer directions, and habitual offender . Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Floyd deserved to die, NO WAY. I’m just saying that 99% of Floyd dying is on George Floyd and his SOLE decisions that day. Did Derek Chauvin “contribute” to Floyd’s dying; I just don’t know, and I can’t say it with 100% conviction where another man’s life is destroyed. Floyd’s behavior before being put on the ground was caused by Floyd himself; he wouldn’t get in the car and stay put. Hell, he wouldn’t do anything the officers ‘asked’ him to do. They continually pampered the guy and everyone says Chauvin is a wild ass, race hating policeman; I don’t see it. I mean, he might be, but I don’t see it in that video. OK, forget everything else; if Floyd had just gotten in the squad car when “asked”; not forcibly put, but “asked” for God’s sake; he would be alive today. If that guy had been a white, red neck who was drunk; they would’ve kicked his ass first before THROWING him into the squad car. When you take EVERYTHING that happened and the causes of each together; where do you draw the line on an officer keeping a heavy drug induced, KNOWN thug, who is HUGE by the way (Hell, I’m 6’3″, 240lbs. and that guy put shivers through me), pinned to the ground? I don’t give a shite about being handcuffed; a guy that size can hurt a lot of people; especially drug induced. Personally, I think this whole deal is screwed. Society needs for Chauvin to be guilty; fine, pronounce him guilty of some kind “GUILTY of contributory negligence” charge or something like that and push the sentencing off so as to diffuse the initial announcement. Later, no sentence, time served and still able to stay on the force because he technically didn’t do anything wrong. He just arrested the wrong guy at the wrong time. I think Chauvin feels some sort of contributing fault himself even though his knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade; it would be hard not to feel it because the guy died under his watch. Chauvin probably didn’t do anything wrong; just a bad situation of various conditions coming together to cause “The Perfect Storm” of “no one wins, everyone loses”. We cannot allow ourselves to get taken in by these types of situations. When the outcome is “no one wins, everyone loses”, something isn’t right. The world is based on “balance” and that’s not a balanced situation. People need to lose the drama and emotion and look at the facts as they are presented. Don’t get me wrong Mike; I get it, and what you’re saying, but when do criminals start taking responsibility for their own actions. How come everyone else has to suffer for the offenders actions????? As soon as you can convince me of that; I’ll listen to anything you have to say about the other side of the equation. For the most part though; I agree with your final determination also.

          1. I pretty much agree with you, it was Floyd’s own actions that caused his death, all he had to do was comply with the police and all would have been ok.

          2. My problem with the final determination now we are searching for the easy way out. If he is innocent, end of story.
            This adding extra charges seems a way out for the legal department not Mr Chauvin.
            It seems most on this page do not think him guilty and have mentioned ALL of the things Mr Floyd did wrong and no one disputes any of that.
            If the drugs were there,
            if Mr Floyd had not committed ant crime/reason for the Police to be there,
            if Mr Floyd followed instructions
            Somewhere in life you have to be responsible for your actions

          3. And they are promoting to make more drugs legal in more states. Heck here in Oregon, folks who didn’t read the whole legislation, passed a bill pretty making every drug legal. Nothing good can come of it. Most addicts high of whatever they’re taking also use alcohol. Mama always said two wrongs don’t make a right.

        4. What law requires an officer to give aide, or go to jail? Is there one? (Serious question.) What is the penalty under that law.

        5. If he could speak then air was passing through his trachea (windpipe) If indeed he could not breathe you would never had heard anything. Many criminals often call out fake distress in an effort to get the police officer to have mercy and let up giving them an opportunity to retaliate or escape. He had so many respiratory depressants in his system it’s a wonder he could function at all.

          1. A milder example, but I fell about five feet off a swing set when I was like about 12 or so. Hit the ground on my back. Had the wind knocked out of me. I couldn’t talk, though I tried. Breathing wasn’t easy for some time either.

        6. When you are trained “if they can talk they can breathe.” You go with your training. The officers involved aren’t medical professionals so they most likely didn’t have any idea how dire his situation was. They knew he needed medical assistance, thats what they where waiting for. Hind sight is always 20/20, but reality is messy.

        7. He wasn’t an EMT. What response do want when a man needs to be restrained when he will hurt himself and others? Mouth-to-mouth kisses?

    4. Then you advocate just simply picking what YOU feel is true and ignore any contrary evidence? Hypocrite and racist at its finest!!!

    5. Emotion, not facts, are driving your declaration and you admit to such. There lies the main problem Sebastian, you are someone who is so biased that the truth no longer matters. Since the day this tragedy happened, everyone has been bombarded by falsehoods…do you remember Michael Brown? People with power have lied every day about this, the media, congress people, local politicians… All with their own agendas. Now, at the trial where truth should be sought, FACTS you don’t like are coming out. YOU don’t care what the truth is, because the plan worked, and officer Chauvin is guilty in the court of public opinion. Don’t be a sheep brother.

    6. One of the most troubling aspects of this trial is that there will be people of your mindset on the jury. Ready to convict based upon feelings rather than the evidence.

    7. With all due respect sir, As a retired trainer of Law Enforcement Officers in Response to Resistance (Use of Force), Defense and Arrest Tactics and Firearms, (and retired as an Officer as well), I can assure you that “afraid of a handcuffed man” was never an issue here. They were not in fear of the man, rather, they were controlling him so as to not have to fight him again and, potentially end up in a deadly force situation and then have to shoot him. Imagine the outcry then!?! Police shoot a handcuffed man!! The Left leaning media would go absolutely mad. A lot of this is reminiscent of the false narrative “hands up, don’t shoot” that was promulgated and advanced by the media before any of the real facts of the incident were shown.

      Second, your obvious bias shows from the jump. You wrote, “even when I have been mistreated and discriminated against by police officers”, which is a loaded statement including the word “Officers” as opposed to “Officer”, somewhat hidden in the statement. It does indicate though that you have had either, (1) more than one adverse contact with the Police or, (2) at least one adverse contact with the Police involving multiple Officers. Either way it indicates you tread at the very least least ON the line of lawlessness, and likely on Floyd’s side of that line, at least for some period of time in your life. You may have outgrown that. I hope you have.

      Third, you have not heard all of the evidence. If the knee was NOT ON THE NECK and did not CAUSE distress to Floyd, then it did NOT CAUSE HIS DEATH. If he had enough fentanyl on board to result in an overdose incident and possibly death, then the control technique used to keep control of Floyd may have exacerbated his condition but did not cause it. My response is also the same as it was with Eric Garner’s death. “Breathe easy, don’t break the law”. If you are breaking the law, don’t resist, especially if you have significant underlying health or substance abuse conditions that will lead to your death because of over exertion or overdose. I sincerely hope that the next time, if there be one, you have an adverse contact with the Police, end up in custody and on trial, that the decision made by those judging you is not made until they have weighed all of the evidence, as the court requires in the best light of the defense, and the jury THEN makes the proper, lawful, reasoned decision to decide your fate.

      Be well.

      1. DS, Great response. If I could ask; why aren’t heavily drug induced perpetrators given “Narcan” immediately so as to subvert the possibility of an overdose occurring while the subject is in their custody?

        1. Clinton, Sometimes the subject is too combative to be given Narcan. If he’s unconscious, a “possible” victim of overdose, it’s easy to administer. This knucklehead probably would have put up a fight to resist their attempts to give him Narcan. It might be worth a try in some cases though, it might have been worth a try in this case however, white Officers would have been video taped “forcing” a black man to accept some substance being introduced into his system without his consent. That would have set off another, related, unwarranted firestorm of calls about racist cops forcibly drugging violators without their consent. Enslaving the poor, unassuming, fearful, minority violator with drugs he didn’t want. It’s a no win situation for Law Enforcement. If this keeps up, there won’t be any decent people of good moral character willing to do the job, or they’ll accept the job but won’t proactively do it for fear of suspensions, firing, or criminal charges for doing what they are sworn to do.

      2. I’ve been on the streets, homeless. Long ago. Not a good part of my life. So yeah, sometimes I was indeed on the wrong side of the law. I understood however that they were doing their job. When you were courteous and didn’t give the cop any lip, they were more likely to be lenient on you. They’d just chase you off and that’d be it. If you were stupid and gave them lip or you had a reputation with the cops, that would be a different story.

        And Floyd already had a record by this time.

        Also, having been on the streets, I know the kind of monsters that cops have to deal with every day. It can’t be easy being a LEO. Even during the best of times. Only reason I can sit in my apartment and feel safe is the fact I know there are good cops out there acting as a shield between ME and the MONSTERS on the street.

    8. Idiot, the drugs Floyd had onboard depressed his ability to get oxygen. It was mot the officer’s knee that was causing him to have respiratory problems, it was the amount of illegal drugs he had taken.
      Floyd was dead before the cops ever got a chance to talk to him. Officers were holding him to prevent him from causing harm to himself or others, that is the definition of protecting him.

    9. The TRUTH is that we were not there to see anything and in my opinion Mr Chauvin is innocent until PROVEN Guilty. For now, we still live in the United States of America
      For you to state “This guy is guilty” disproves your first line “I have always been on the Police side”

      seems you made a decision with little to no evidence, this not said with malice

      1. Wayne, Please stop using the word “innocent”. The jury will be charged to find the defendant either “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”. No adult is truly “innocent” and no jury can ever have that finding.

        1. Except there is a simple fact. “Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law.”

          That’s a key part of our justice system.

          Maybe from a moral or ethical standpoint you’re correct, but that’s not what is being discussed here. What is being discussed is the Legal definition of Innocence and Guilt.

    10. Guess it was too bad that you were not there to straighten the cops out. Evidently you have never been in a position where you had to use force to protect yourself from someone on drugs. As with Rodney King, if you let a buffed out person up, then there will be a fight. What you going to do? Mob him and get an officer or officers hurt. Batons break bones. CS often doesn’t work. Tasers can injure him. Seems to me that the best thing was to put your knee on his back and keep it there until an ambulance gets there. Get out of your basement…why not try for a Reserve Deputy of Officer…might learn something the rest of us who were in blue learned a long time ago.

    11. I’ll be the first to all an officer out but this isn’t one of those times, Floyd was crying he couldn’t breathe from the moment the cuffs went on and was put in the back of the squad car, he asked to be put on the ground, officers obliged, not only that, it was put into testimony, Chauvin could have tased him and instead went with the restraint, instead of complaining, try and take a ride along with an officer and watch how quickly shtf, and then try and make split second decisions, try a shoot or don’t shoot scenario, where YOUR LIFE is now on the line, the facts in this case are relevant, where his knee was or wasn’t does matter, the man was a walking time bomb, over sized heart, clogged and or narrowed main arteries, on top of that, add the quantity of different illegal substances the man was on, Chaivin held him in that position (which every department I know trains officers to use), until the paramedics arrived, how many times have we heard I can’t breathe screamed so as not to be arrested, I suppose from here forward, all you need to do is holler I can’t breathe and what the officer has to let you go, they gave that man ample opportunity to comply he refused and caused his own death by taking illegal substance, one of which (fentanyl) was 3 times the lethal dose, but hey let’s just ignore it and focus on the officer trying his best to get compliance out of a drug addict, I’d swear common sense has just left the planet….Smfh!

    12. So, you’re basing your belief on the whole “I can’t breathe” except that was in the cop car. They removed him from the car and put him on the ground. Because he was a risk. They weren’t choking him. They were restraining him, because he had a criminal record. A Violent Criminal Record.

    13. If you watch all the videos from the time he ‘resisted arrest’ and officer’s commands from his vehicle – he was saying ‘he couldn’t breath’.
      At the time he was handcuffed and sat down by the building (where he tried to get rid of a packet of fentanyl) he was saying ‘he couldn’t breath’.
      When he repeatedly ‘resisted’ the officers attempts to put him into the police vehicle he was saying ‘he couldn’t breath’ while ‘struggling/resisting’ the officers.
      He was saying ‘he couldn’t breath’ when he was in the back of the vehicle and managed to struggle away and flee and ‘allude arrest’ from the other side of the vehicle and again ‘resisted’ the police.
      He was ‘resisting arrest’ and saying ‘he couldn’t breath’ while on the ground and the Officer was on top of him restraining him clearly with his body and leg/shin on his back.
      Not to mention – If his air way had been restricted by a knee on the neck – he wouldn’t have been able to say anything.

      Your “Guilty” is based on emotions, not facts

  2. What really bothers a lot of people, is that no matter the verdict in this case, all hell will break out. There are those who are just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to riot, loot, harm people, and even kill a few whites, and it doesn’t even matter to them. And the city has no one but the Mayor and the City Council or just as guilty of doing nothing to help the situation, but in some cases, have made it worst. They should all quite and move on. But then, you would have the people, like Representative Omar, who hates this country, hates everything it stands for, but thinks she can do better. She’s a crook, married her own brother, stole tax payor’s money, but still hates this nation. The City has no one to blame. but itself. This is what the Democrats has, and it isn’t much.

    1. As soon as I got off that jury, I would move my family to Sands Point, Idaho not leaving a forwarding address!

      1. Your are right TTP
        Convicted they loot/riot/help themselves to ‘reparations’
        Acquitted they loot/riot/help themselves to ‘reparations’
        Acquitted they dox and attack the jury; yes – would take courage to stand up and say,
        “He died because he took an overdose and resisted arrest and tried to flee/allude for at least 20 mins; all the while yelling ‘he couldn’t breath’ – most of the time while being unrestrained”

  3. It is correct that the camera angle can give a different outcome. If you looked at the films it shows that the officers knee went up and down when George moved, if the officer had all that weight on his neck or back Floyd could not pick up the officers leg. There are other items that show that the Felon was not murdered. The cops that have been recently been shot and killed or seriously injured were intentional and the perps should be the ones on trial for murder, White or Black.

  4. Any officer in this city should quit immediately or they will be prosecuted themselves. It is obvious that the city paid off the thugs family to try and appease the blm, antia and g. soros lunatics. I feel sorry for any officer who stays to work in this city. Just like new york those cops best leave now before the city turns on them No qualified immunity they are crazy to work there. In al the cities who want to defund the police departments all officers should turn in their resignations all dated Nov. 1 unless and until they are given qualified immunity and are treated like humans. I was a police officer for over 30 years and there is no way in hell I would work in Minn. Mn., hew york, baltimore, portland, seattle or any other city ran by demoncRATs. It would only take 2 week if all the cops quit for the cities to change their minds 180 degrees. You are foolish to stay with those departments who do not stand behind their officers (WHEN THEY ARE CORRECT) so get out now before it is to late. Every city should require their elected officials to ride one week end every six months with the police department and be deputized to make arrest for that weekend and then you would see a drastic change in the thinking of the officials. Like force marine recon said in his post. Let them try to deescalate a thug career criminal on drugs…….

  5. my observation is whenever a black person is involved the tendency is the white person also involved is at fault even before reasonable investigation is completed. this is mostly happening involving law enforcements. what is disgusting to me is when a police officer is injured or killed in line of duty.it’s normal or mostly at fault. there is this still racial divide state of mind in america.

    1. You can thank some of our elected officials and the media for some of that and the rest is on us for allowing our Country to fall so far

  6. On one can say what the jury will do. From the on set I didn’t see a knee on Flode’s neck, and when I found out that drugs were involved, I had to question if they had anything to do with his death.
    Not being a recast idiot, I look at this with a clear mind. Not just the death of a man, rather everything that came after. What I see is that it is all based in racism. We have blacks that say they want to equality, yet tell us that their idea of it is that whites are not allowed a voice, can’t defend themselves from blacks, and God forbid a white person tell the truth.
    Then we have whites that for some reason think every black person is out to get them. Some even feel that they should have the right to shoot first and not face any investigation.
    I am so grateful for the people of this nation, both white and black that see this. If we are going to get back to a point, (as we once were) where the nation doesn’t care about a persons skin color, we will need them. This nation, and it’s people must stop looking at everything as racism, and start looking at how to change.
    BLM may wish to be taken seriously. However, until they stop looking for racism under every rock, and start looking for ways to stop black on black crime, how can they be? If black lives really matter to them, then clean up your own back yard before you talk about the others.

  7. Floyd killed himself when he ingested his remaining drugs to hide his guilt. The fentanyl screwed his lungs and the dodo taking the video should not have even been there so no wonder every move by the officers were over dramatized by gerbil witnesses. Couple that with socialistic city council and an idiot for a mayor and you have the makings of a wonderful riot. Anybody wanting to commit trouble if the officer is not guilty needs to be locked up. The whole police blame game is BS and all the crime stats prove it .

  8. This don’t take a brave juror it just takes an honest Jury or any one of them to find the Police officer “Not Guilty”. Drug addict, porn star, burglar and surely many more crimes acted by this perp.

      1. To quote one former government official. “WHAT DOES IT MATTER?” The city will be burned, looted and destroyed no matter what the verdict.
        GUILTY—-celebrations INNOCENT—- UNFAIR VERDICT

  9. That jury is courageous, no matter what the verdict is. The judge did not sequester the jury putting all of them and their families at risk. They are supposed to be anonymous but fat chance of that in today’s world. This whole trial is a sham and should have at least been conducted via a change in venue.

    Pray for the thin blue line because it is getting thinner!

    1. Sadly, it reminds me of the OJ Simpson Trial. It was a monkey trial. A Political Cartoonist did a cartoon showing OJ and the Judge out fishing.

      “Think they miss us?”

      Yeah, the case had taken on a life of its own, and it was no longer about whether he was guilty or innocent. It was a monkey trial.

      And that’s what is happening here. I think the best he’ll get is lesser charges. Because if they find him innocent, there will be BLM activists (the kind that throw molotov cocktails at police stations and slash police car tires) who will go out of their way to try and kill him, claiming that his murder was “justice”.

      So, in that regard, Prison for a few years, long enough for people to forget and find something else to be angry at, might actually be the safest place for Chauvin.

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