CNN’s Brian Stelter Whines About Fox Hosts Not Taking Vaccine Selfies (VIDEO)

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CNN’s Brian Stelter whined about Fox News hosts not taking vaccine selfies on Sunday.

Brian Stelter specializes in three things: Complaining about Trump, complaining about FOX News, and targeting conservatives for cancellation.

‘Vaccine selfies’ are a creepy trend taking social media by storm wherein people post photos of themselves getting the jab or holding up their Covid-19 vaccine card.

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The 35-year-old talking spud (yes, Stelter is only 35) said he was “inspired” by all of the news anchors at MSNBC and CNN posting vaccine selfies.

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But he was disappointed in the “biggest stars” on Fox News for choosing not to publicly disclose decisions they make about their health.

“Where are the biggest stars on Fox getting vaccinated?” Stelter whined.


Stelter’s business model doesn’t seem to be working anymore in the Biden era.

Stelter’s show “Reliable Sources” has reportedly lost a million viewers since this past January.

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