The Kruiser Kabana Episode 113: ‘Bearing Arms’ Editor Cam Edwards on the Current State of Democrats’ Gun Grab Agenda

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The Bloomberging of America

My friend and colleague Cam Edwards makes his second appearance on the podcast today. Cam is the editor of our sister site Bearing Arms, which means he is the Mothership’s resident expert on all things 2nd Amendment.

It’s no secret that the Democrats have a radical anti-gun agenda and that they feel their tenuous grip on power gives them the right to shove it down our throats. There is a lot of noise surrounding what’s going on as far as legislation, potential executive orders, and the courts when it comes to guns. Cam is here to clear a lot of that up.

We spent some time talking about the Great American Ammo Shortage of 2021, which is so bad it’s even hit us here in Arizona. I’ve shared a couple of online options for buying ammunition before but promised I would do so again in this post, so here they are:

Ammoseek (an ammo retailer search engine)

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