The Woke Attack on Mathematics Has Created ‘White Math’

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In the 1930s when Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were busy cleansing Germany of all Jewish “influences,” they paid particular attention to the sciences — academic disciplines that Jews around the world have excelled in.

They ended up destroying physics, chemistry, biology, and other sciences by creating “German physics,” “German chemistry,” and “German biology.” Predictably, German scientists, who were forced to teach this nonsense in the classroom, fell hopelessly behind their colleagues in the U.S. and Western Europe.

It’s no accident that, while much of the preliminary work on the atom was performed by German chemists and physicists, when it came to making a bomb, Germany was never able to catch up and lost the race — losing the war in the process.

Now, along comes the woke culture, which apparently has discovered racism in many scientific disciplines. Even mathematics.

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You would think that the equation 1+1=2 would be colorblind, You’re just not looking hard enough. There is “systemic racism” in math and you’re not going to believe why. Apparently, the notion of a “right” and “wrong” answer is racist in and of itself.

Sergiu Klainerman, a professor of mathematics at Princeton, was appalled when he read about a new curriculum circulating in schools that found “a pathway to equitable math instruction.”  The refugee from Ceausescu’s Romania likens the woke culture to a “soft” kind of Marxism that “enforces its ideology not by jailing dissenters or physically eliminating them, but by social shaming, mob punishment, guilt by association, and coerced speech.”

Klainerman had some thoughts about “equitable” math instruction.

Common Sense:

The program argues that “white supremacy culture shows up in the classroom when the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer” or when students are required to show their work, while stipulating that the very “concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false”. The main goal of the program is “to dismantle racism in mathematics instruction” with the expressly political aim of engaging “the sociopolitical turn in all aspects of education, including mathematics.”

In the past, I would have said that such statements should be ignored as too radical and absurd to merit refutation. But recent trends across the country suggest that we no longer have that luxury.

Is this someone’s idea of a joke?

The idea that focusing on getting the “right answer” is now considered among some self-described progressives a form of bias or racism is offensive and extraordinarily dangerous. The entire study of mathematics is based on clearly formulated definitions and statements of fact. If this were not so, bridges would collapse, planes would fall from the sky, and bank transactions would be impossible.

If I had the inclination and the time, this would make the basis for a great sci-fi short story. That is if sci-fi weren’t already seen as irredeemably racist.

There is no such thing as “white” mathematics. There is no reason to assume, as the activists do, that minority kids are not capable of mathematics or of finding the “right answers.” And there can be no justification for, in the name of “equity” or anything else, depriving students of the rigorous education that they need to succeed. The real antiracists will stand up and oppose this nonsense.

This is the logical end result of basing an ideology on outcomes rather than empirical evidence. When faced with the dilemma of finding racism where none exists, it must be invented. Apparently, the crazier the invention the more seriously it is taken.

“There is no such thing as ‘white mathematics’” is irrelevant. As the Nazis in Germany discovered, you can invent anything and by generating enough fear and terror, it will become true.

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    1. Those demanding $15 an hour for a minimum wage can be given anything you want to give them, but use “non racist math” to calculate their take-home pay, benefits, and taxes. It they argue, just tell them your using the “new math.” Then let them know how racist they are for pointing out that 2 + 2 = 4, when maybe it’s really only 3!

  1. This was also started in sports by “everyone gets the same trophy” and “we don’t keep score to see who really wins”.
    Communist controlled democRATS making our nation last in the world.

    1. If keeping score and winning are not important then why do we have Super Bowl’s, the World Series give medals at the Olympics games, etc.?

      1. Oh, and don’t forget the Academy Awards, the Emmys, and the Golden Globes …… or is it Goblets ? ….. oh hell it doesn’t matter anyway. All frivolous.

    2. Tyrants fear masculine men!!! This is why there is a war on masculinity: There has been a war waged by the Deep State to emasculate men so they are easily controlled and for the most part been quite successful. At one time society had categorized male population into two groups, type A or Alpha and type B Beta. I have discovered a third, category the LPM Pseudo LIEberal Male.

      The LPM male has been rendered impotent, castrated, and lobotomized by political correctness. He/It has succumbed to Globalist/Communist aka Deep State dogma having no mind of his own and fears competing against his peers!

      The LPM is more woman than what God created man to be. Instead of accepting or submitting themselves to lieberal dogma or worse, to another man, a REAL MAN would completely reject these ideas. Sadly in the LIEberal world of the LPM submitting themselves and their children to abominable acts is the norm which further erodes society!!!

      The LPM fears competing in the real world against their own gender against real men. The LPM seeks the advantage competing with women where he/it has the advantage!

      The Deep State seeks to emasculate men so they are easily controlled and for the most part been quite successful. The masculine male is a dying breed. We have been told for far too long that violence in never the answer. However this is moot when considering the promotion of Globalist aka Communist ideology.

      We have been told that it’s cruel to kill our own food. The Globalist’ aka Communists want us to consume processed food loaded with chemicals and GMO’s to weaken our bodies as well as minds. We have been conditioned to believe that there is no place in modern society for the man who refuses to shave his chest or wear skinny jeans.

      As a man we are the protector. As a man we are solely responsible for the safety of and well being of our family. How can anyone be a good husband if they cannot defend their wife? How can we be a good father if we are unable to protect our children? Remember the eyes of your children are fixed on you. You serve as an example of what young men should grow up to be…and what young women should seek out in a partner. The LPM has been conditioned to reject reality, responsibility, common sense, and is a follower seeking the safety and comfort of a large group – IMPOTENT!!!

      LPM have been tamed much like animals that perform at carnivals or circuses, responding to stimuli like promises of prosperity and safety. All that is necessary is the promise to blindly follow and obey their handlers.

      The defense mechanism of the LPM is to deflect, deny, and project his deficiencies onto those who are his superiors employ pejorative labels, or otherwise be obnoxious, believing if they continue to be obnoxious folks will just give in and allow them to have their way.

      These tactics are similar to what an obnoxious pet does to secure what it wants. I have some experience with obnoxious pets and people. Some of the tactics I use on obnoxious pets are frowned upon but they do obtain results.

      The three most effective ways to stifle pet dissent is to 1) get rid of the pet but since I do not back down from a challenge I opt for remedy no. 2 which is to take a garden hose to it until it is stifled. The third is if they become aggressive and physically attack you, (I have been assaulted by both animals and LPM clowns alike) you take them out to the north 40 shoot them and let the carrion take care of business.

      Dealing with obnoxious people is similar except for the hose I don’t use hoses or shoot them but nothing says that I have to acquiesce to being assaulted and not beat that aggressive assailant into the ground. Nor am I prevented from or assisting them in furthering their own humiliation. The LPM is easily manipulated as they do most of the work for me. All I need to do is to remind them how pathetic they are then let nature take its course.

      1. Greetings to might makes Marine, and the psychological operations of stockyard management with the weaving of the power of belief. I remember General Butler. So be fruitful and multiply so we-we have an advantage over them-then when it’s time to thin the litter for “economic” reasons. Dogs shouldn’t have litters bigger than 5 after 2wks in order to balance the economy of mamas milk. Grow big boys. And those innocents be worthy of receiving without a quiver, also known as an ounce of grace by way of a tale entitled “Of Mice and Men”.

  2. I think Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn might have something to say about this topic. If they didn’t get answers correct with mathematics it would have been disaster for both space program and hypersonic flight.

    Rather than listening to woke idiots lets ask POC physicist, mathematicians, chemist, engineers about “white” math.

  3. White and Asian kids generally do better at math, so by definition it be “racis’!” Overlooking the fact that with proper instruction all kids can do well. But blacks don’t have to do as well, since they’re automatically given a 230 point bump on the SAT over white kids, and a 400 point bump over Asians. There, feel better? Now everyone’s the same.

    1. I am not Asian and did EXRTREMELY well in math. Why you ask? I was focused on a career in engineering. So in other words I APPLIED myself where others don’t because they are given a pass when things get tough!!!

      And of course I received a FABULOUS education BEFIORE the Demoshits took control of educating our children.

  4. The Woke generation are the new Nazis. When they get the power the damocrats are going to give them watch out because people will be sent to the re-education camps.

    1. In a sense you are correct but not quite I spent my formative years subject to a tyrannical government where only the government and police had guns, and therefore complete control. The years were late 1930’s through 1943 the nation Nazi Germany!!! So I think I have a bit more insight regarding Nazism than 99% of those who claim to understand what comprises Nazis!!

      Since I have this intimate knowledge I can attest that the Demoshit Party’s Modus Operandi is eerily similar in nature to the Germany I vividly remember decades past. Unfortunately what I am witnessing here in America at the hands of the Socialistic Democratic left, is virtually the same I experienced in Nazi Germany seven plus decades ago!!!

      Because the globalist elite have seized control of the media and education systems, our children are property of the state and are indoctrinated to accept what the globalists force upon them, again like it was in Nazi Germany.

      As a result, morals in America are in complete decay. Ethics in America are in decay. Personal responsibility in America has been eliminated leading to the Subjugation of the American people. The main objective of the globalist elite is that we will become slaves of the global elite because we as a people have been conditioned via political correctness to no longer be interested in or be bothered to fight for our way of life.

      With that said, I will not submit to those who would enslave me. I will die on my feet a free man before I will live a yoctosecond on my knees as a subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Who the heck is “WOKE”. , what are they or it. A bunch of ignorant individuals, who if they don’t get preferential treatment and told they are right all the time, will fall down on the floor, and kick, scream and pound their fists, until someone throws a bucket of water on their person., Morons….

    1. “Woke” is what Leftists call themselves in the BLM. It’s another example of bad English deriving from a poor education. It should be “awakened,” as in (past tense), “I have been awakened!” meaning “I am no longer asleep,” or (present tense) “I’m awake.” But certain people, wishing not to seem like “racist whites,” will continue appropriating “authentic ghetto talk.”

      If we bow to the “woke” assertion that white people can’t wear black face, sombreros, the Chinese qi pao (dress), or the Japanese Geisha gown, then shouldn’t their use of “woke” in reference to themselves be forbidden? Shouldn’t white women be forbidden to call the fathers of their children “baby daddy?” There are volumes of “ethnic English” words that no “awakened” person should be allowed to utter.

    2. We are being taken over by freaks hairies nuts and American haters women hating is becoming fashionable again this is not the country I grew up in! At 60 years old I cannot believe the degeneration of our way of life in the last 10-20 years Dont the REST of us have rights???!

  6. This concept is not new! Follow the “Frankfort School”, that departed Germany in 1933, for “Columbia” university. They infiltrated the “Teacher Colleges”, with their Cultural Marxist ideology (economic Marxism had failed by then). If you infect the teachers, you infect all succeeding generations of Children. Then along comes Zinn with “The American Peoples History of America”, which spews’ 85% falsehoods in the Historical Record, and it is being taught in Schools and colleges across America as fact! Any serious Historical Scholar can debunk it fairly quickly with the FACTS! Yes this a multi-generational plan to destroy America from with in so the New World Order May Rise.

  7. It seems like the left in their pursuit of trying to tear apart Western civilization and culture is just now throwing everything at the wall that they can think of and seeing if they can make any of it stick. It is really disgusting what they are being allowed to assert and impose on the public.

    It is time for people to stand up and to stop being afraid of being “cancelled” and just tell them to go eff themselves.

  8. Since numbers, scores, etc., are no longer of any significance, then we can stop all sports since the winner is based on scores that are based on math. No need to give out awards such as the Oscars, Emmys, etc., since that also is based on votes which are based on numbers. GPA’s will no longer be needed since again GPA’s are based on math. And why will we need money since the amount of money we have or the amount of money we owe is based on a total which is based on numbers? It will no longer be necessary to put sizes on clothing, shoes, or any attire since again those are based on numbers and numbers are now insignificant.

  9. Let the fools have their way. Those of us who are not brain dead will still teach our families real math, science and history and our children will get an extra leg up on career opportunities. Pity the good teachers that feel they have to go on with all of the woke crap.

  10. I want the mathematician that wants a right answer to do the calculations for the rocket going to the space station, period. Some people just dumb to drink this koolaide.

  11. Karol Borsuk, professor of mathematics, lost his job when the Nazis closed down Warsaw University. In order to make money he created a game, Hodowla Zwierzatek (The Little Animal Farm). The game was eventually outlawed by the Nazis because people were using it to teach their children math.

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