New York City Takes Away Everyone’s Fun Just to Get Even With Trump

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Trump Haters Ruin Everything 

One of the reasons that I am very grateful that I am not — nor have I ever been — an American liberal is that they seem to be such miserable creatures. Nothing makes those people happy. This great nation has just endured fours years of the Left’s histrionics over Donald Trump’s election. It was tedious and difficult to tune out because they were harassing people in public and burning down cities and stuff. One might have presumed that Trump’s defeat might have made them stop acting out so much.

One would be wrong.

There are no metrics with which to quantify it, but I truly believe that the Democrats are more miserable in victory than they were in defeat.

I’ve written a few times this last month about the fact that the mission statement of the people controlling Joe Biden seems to be “Undo everything Trump did.” I will be covering that in greater detail in Monday’s Morning Briefing but for now I’ll just focus on one remarkably petty example of that attitude trickling down to the municipal level:

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That’s right, the worst mayor in America is letting his Trump Derangement Syndrome ruin things for others.

The New York Post:

Skaters arriving at Central Park’s two ice rinks are in for a cold awakening next week — the rinks, which are both managed by the Trump Organization, are being shuttered by City Hall to punish the former president for the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, The Post has learned.

The Trump Organization says its last day of operating the iconic Wollman Rink and the smaller Lasker Rink at the park’s northern end will be Sunday.

The rink contracts had been set to expire in April, but Mayor de Blasio has moved to ice Trump out a month early, effective Feb. 26.

At a time when Americans have been cooped up for a year and desperately need any kind of outdoor activity with fresh air, Bill de Blasio and his administration have decided that it’s more importing to fill their diapers, stomp their feet, and have a loud ORANGE MAN BAD fit.

Worse yet, they announced it like a drunk college kid trying to dunk on someone on social media. A de Blasio spokesman said, “Trump has been impeached from operating the ice rink,” and he no doubt felt like the most clever boy in kindergarten after that.

The fact that the contract is up at the same time the outdoor skating season is winding down in New York makes this all the more pathetic. Mayor Bill and Co. could have simply let the contract run out and gloated about the fact that the city cancelled all of its concession contracts with Trump but — Dems being Dems — they had to overreach. The closure hurts more than just the kids who skate there, as the Trump Organization noted in a statement to the Post:

“Despite our appeals to the City to allow us to continue operations through the duration of the skating season — which would not only save the jobs of nearly 250 individuals who work or otherwise provide services Wollman and Lasker Rinks, but also allow us to continue to provide the numerous public skating sessions and skating and hockey programs that we host on a daily basis — the City rejected our efforts,” the Trump Organization told The Post in a statement.

The Trump Organization is appealing the cancellation of the contracts.


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  1. Yep, leftists like De Blasio are sick, demented idiots. They are guided by their feelings because they don’t have any common sense to rely on.

    1. Actually they are guided by their “hatred” of everything good and decent. All they understand is deception, perversion, corruption of everything moral. They are ALL REPROBATES NO MATTER WHERE ON THE LADDER THEY STAND.

  2. When the hell are they going to get rid of this idiot !!! its the fault of the jerks who voted for him this isn’t the worst,,,how do they like getting stabbed to death on the subway because the moron Mayor cut the money for police to give it to “social action plans “

    1. NYC has been a gargage pit filled with democRATS, progressives and communists for as long as anyone can remember. That is why all the politicians of the entire state should be turned into fertilizer. But most likely nothing would grow because it would be toxic waste rather than fertilizer.

  3. Time to recall De Blasio!! IMPEACH him!!! Why are New Yorker’s putting up with this radical leftist idiot???
    Why are they allowing him to punish their kids?????
    Kids have suffered enough over this phony coronavirus pandemic!!
    The Democrat Politicians along with Soros & the Chinese Government “Created” this virus & unleashed it on the world, to get government control over the world population!
    They will not stop with coronavirus!!

  4. What a circuitous argument: “Trump haters ruined everything”. Instead, best to start at the root source, not with the consequence. Trumpism ruined everything would be a more accurate title. The most divided we have ever been.

    Progressives at least try get things done. It requires vision, planning, execution, hard work. It’s called progress. It isn’t without missteps or mistakes. Risk and reward. Never up, never in. Move forward or become extinct.

    Unfortunately, The Right has offered nothing, except obstruction, conspiracies, and fear as their solution. Just exactly what are you afraid of? The party of “No”. Any fool can say “no”. Just do nothing. Go backwards. Let the rest of the world march past us. Then what? Fight back after it’s too late? War? Not a solution.

    Good luck trying to stay ahead and show leadership when 7 billion other people are becoming more educated and more productive every year. What’s the conservative solution? Build a wall! Gerrymander everything. Prevent diversity. Stop them! Destroy them! Brandish and shoot your guns! Tear down our own sacred institutions. That’ll show ‘em!

    At least the liberals try to move the ball forward. Does it require change and money? Of course!

    To hide behind a fence in an attempt to prevent change is ignorant and futile. Climate change deniers. Covid deniers. Mask wearing deniers. Just keep saying no, and it will be a miracle and just go away. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

    The Darwin Awards are numerous and growing in number. The herd will be thinned not from any external effort, but from within due to its own malfeasance and irrelevance.

    1. hey asshat as you look at washington d.c., please tell me who is hiding behind a fence. true about the 7 billion people being educated around the world.thats because they arent being taught by liberal professors that there is more than 2 genders and other stupid crap like that. about the covid deniers, its the red states that opened back up and are working and producing thank you. but lets not forget great cuomo and new york, oh wait i forgot. hes under investigation for killing all the old people with covid in the nursing homes but shit lets give him an emmy for the outstanding work he has done. and about the darwin award, at least trumpys and conservatives know which bathroom they are supposed to go into. we dont have problems wondering which gender we are. we dont parade down the streets with vagina hats on our heads. on climate change i guess dinosaur farts is what led to their extinction. the weather has been changing throughout history.

    2. ok, get it! you’re one of those filled with hatred and vitrol anything including kids to get back at Trump! What the heck does a skating rink have to do with anything you hate! Just get over it

    3. Let me ask. Can you sight me the effective percentage of a surgical mask on a .5 micron particle? If not, don’t call any of us a “denier” you are the idiot.

      1. There isn’t a person wearing a mask today that is protected. If ordinary smoke can easily pass through all of the masks being sold, the virus which is smaller than smoke particles has no problem passing through as well.

  5. Where to start genius.
    1. Division of country. Let’s see we have black kids in Pacific NE requesting segregated living and classes. And progressives publicly cursing police and opponents, throwing frozen drinks, urine, fireworks. More riots and protest than the one Jan6 at the capitol but that was OK and those protest didn’t spread Corona.
    2. Progressives try to get things done, implying conservatives don’t. Who was it that got the vaccine pushed through testing and released for Corona in record time, having shots provided prior to the election and building stockpiles? Understanding Biden seems to have forgotten he got his shots prior to the election when he stated there were no vaccines when he took office or methods to get them out.
    3. Let the rest of the world march past us. Then what? Fight back after it’s too late? War? Well oddly enough Trump was the first President in past 16 years not getting us deeper into international military conflict. He tried to bring troops home to have Biden send them back as soon as he took office.
    4. Climate change deniers. Gee where to start. First in the 1970’s it was next ice age, we started looking at ozone and hairspray destroying it, then 1990’s global warming, greenhouse gases, emissions and such. Then 2009-20’s since couldn’t decide which way it was going went with generic climate change, now including cow farts as reason. The data reviewed and used for this forecast showed 1/2 of 1 degree to 2 degrees variance over last 100 years testing as basis of calling the change. The ice caps have enlarged and shrunk a few times in that range. Latest shrinking. The climate of this planet has changed cyclically for millennia. At one time the ocean was as far north into Texas as the DFW area only 100 miles from Oklahoma. There are fossil remains of ocean creatures and shell fish frequently found there. There were ice ages with glaciers coming down below Colorado. These climate changes weren’t caused by man or cow farts but are part of the cyclical life of this planet. Yes climate is changing just disagree with cause and how to address. And if the Democrats can make a radical change in 12 years to effect this cyclical action the world is more fragile than even they try to claim. And please note the small variance in the temperature averages. It doesn’t account for using different measuring devices and locations over the last 100 years to account how accurate the thermometer was, who read it where it was located. I can move 2 miles from my location and get a 2 degree variance. at 10 miles it can be 5-10 degrees based on time of day, wind patterns, current meteorological events etc.
    5. Mask, the science on this changes more than the weather. Fauci has provided three to four different answers from the start. First not necessary, second wear mask but you can make yourself out of cloth. Lately only need one mask, and as of that Friday when he and the new CDC director spoke the clinical data showed the efficacy of one mask. The following Monday the data was changed to show how two mask were better. I’ve worn mask in operating theaters, trauma rooms, and chemical gas mask in hasmat situations. In appropriate settings the correct mask is vital. However home made cotton mask will do little to stop a virus. No mask will work if improperly worn. I would rather you go mask less than wear it wrong. Cover from above nose to below chin and ensure it fits. At least mask less I know who to avoid and how far to stay away. And putting a cloth mask over a N95 respirator is a total waste of material and time. If you have the virus stay home if high risk like my wife wear one. I wear one because of her and for her protection. If you think you need 2 mask get a full face respirator with correct microfilters as it will be more effective both in reality and psychologically. If you want to know if you are truly wearing an effective mask. Put yours on, open a packet of saccharin sweetener. If you can smell the saccharin a virus (and other substances) can pass through the mask. If you wear a paper mask when it gets moist from your breath it is in effective and needs replacing. Throw it away do not reuse.
    6. I don’t need someone yelling f police, defund police, throwing different items at them, or who approaches NRA conventions yelling at the attendees about giving up guns and yelling threats talking to me about being a Darwin recipient. Yelling and threatening someone with a loaded firearm who is already stressed is a sure way to shorten your lifespan.
    7. Even though you didn’t go there this is linked to Darwin award, police brutality and claims BLM pushed out about police intentionally hunting black males. If you can stand toe to toe and yell at armed police, cursing them, throwing urine, drinks, frozen drinks rocks, fireworks and such. And these men and women didn’t draw and gun down these people, it shows what huge restraint and professionalism the police have. I doubt if you had a weapon strapped to your side you could tolerate the abuse they are going through almost daily without using it. Statistics and studies show if you comply with police orders at that moment and address the issues in court, it is 99% more survivable than yelling, threatening and attacking said officer. I was taught at young age, don’t fight with a drunk or someone armed heavier than you. It is a futile situation that will not go in your favor.

    1. That is the best I have heard in a long time. Thank you for clarifying those issues. Unfortunately, for many if falls on deaf, ignorant ears/

  6. Euthanize liberals, bedwetters, socialists, marxists, communists, sociopaths, psychopath, pathological liars. I think these terms pretty well covers demoncraps.

    1. JD Farmer is right on the money about everything. Liberals and Leftists are pretty much wrong about everything, but not all Democrats fall into the aforementioned groups, and I think the 2022 and the 2024 elections will prove me right.

  7. Trump did NOT divide this country – The Democrats and some weak Republicans did. The liberal left wants to tell the rest of us how to live. What to believe. Destroy our freedoms. They disrespect God and our Church. Promote the killing of unborn children. Disrespect our Flag. Disrespect our Constitution. They can all eat my whole a$$. They can shop among the ruins of their burned up, looted cities. They can watch BLM sports. While another Black person kills another over something dumb. Blacks are commiting genocide on their own community. Abortion, murder, mass incarceration, drugs, and unhealthy lifestyles. Blame it on white people and send more money to another failed social program. Not for me. No more sports, fake news, or being called racist. My wife is Black and Hispanic on her father’s side and Irish on her Mom’s side. Dems are declaring hostilities and it will only get worse. Stock up for dismal times are ahead.

  8. When you see an old, wizened up politician that has spent his youth years making money and trying to hold onto what he’s got, it’s a pathetic sight. Go away, and do it soon. And this is a comment from someone who lives in the North Central part of Washington State. I feel for the people of New York who have to live with this idiot’s actions.
    We have our own problems with Jay Inslee who is a complete MORON. Good luck, New York, you will need it. Vote that guy out. Get real, now!!!

  9. One word fits perfectly for all democRATS, liberals, progressives, communists, fascists, Marxists

    rep•ro•bate rĕp′rə-bāt″

    A morally unprincipled person.
    One who is predestined to damnation.
    Morally unprincipled; shameless.

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