In Oregon, Drugs Are Legal and Thanksgiving Is Criminalized

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In Oregon, you can have cocaine, but not cranberries. Heroin, but no ham. Meth, but not mashed potatoes! Amazingly, a state that just legalized drugs wants to criminalize Thanksgiving! Talk about a double helping of hypocrisy—just in time for the holidays.

Of course, Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, wasn’t exactly winning any popularity contests as it was. Now, after her ridiculous orders—which would force families of seven or more to turn away their own children from the meal—she’s become a national punchline.

So let me get this straight, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, tweeted: “You can be jailed for having too many people over for Thanksgiving. But if you want to riot and loot in Portland, no sweat!”

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That’s right, Jason Rantz mocked. “In Oregon, they’re tougher on families than they are on Antifa!”

The optics certainly aren’t great for the state—threatening criminal sanctions against people for eating turkey together, when they let locals shoot themselves up with killer drugs. And yet, Brown didn’t shy away from the harsh rhetoric. “I am not asking you [to limit gatherings],” the governor said last week. “I am ordering you.”

Charles Boyle, the governor’s spokesperson, was just as threatening. “If people aren’t going to take this virus seriously, we are prepared to offer consequences.” And those consequences, they aren’t shy to say, include jail time.

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It’s an incredible government overreach. In Pennsylvania, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is demanding that families wear marks in their own homes! That’s absurd, especially, as PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil pointed out, when a lot of these liberal leaders (like California Gov. Gavin Newsom) aren’t even following their own rules.

It’s not the government’s business to tell Americans how they can set their Thanksgiving tables—or if you can set them for that matter.

It might make more sense if they showed half as much care about people’s lives when it comes to drug addiction or the sexually transmitted disease pandemic. You don’t see Brown racing to stop the risky sexual activity that’s infecting 20 million new people each year and costing taxpayers $16 billion to treat. People die from that too.

And what does the left say? “Stay out of our bedrooms.” Fine, then it’s time they get out of our dining rooms!

Originally published by Family Research Council


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  1. The people of Oregon, especially those in the Portland area, deserve what they are experiencing. They voted for this clown of a governor and now they voted for Biden. Need we say more?

    1. Thank you….this lesbian has a huge ego problem just as those right under her left wing winging their way into our homes and violating each and every one of our Civil Liberties…I mean State, Federal and UN…so many do something to defend their rights and the police show up and arrest…them..well, maybe defund is the right thing to do – after all, they could say, “look this is a personal domicile of a family, you are violating their rights so shut up and go suck a lemon.”

    2. Henry B – Are you responsible for every single thing the stupid democrats and liberals do in your state?
      Please don’t tell the people of Oregon what they do and do not deserve until you know what the hell you are talking about. The people in Portland and Eugene voted for these jackasses NOT the people of Oregon. We had vote-by-mail jammed down our throats over 30 years ago and haven’t been able to elect a conservative since. This is what happens to a one party state and will happen to a one party country.
      Are you afraid to name the state where you live?

    3. Henry B – Do you think the votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, etc. were all legal and above board?
      Then why do you think the voting in Oregon was all above board and legal?
      It is people that think like you that will help to destroy this country.

  2. True dat! For some reason fail to realize that there are consequences for their actions or failure to take action!

  3. Dangerous idiots try to destroy America, look at Portland. Americans should be very ready to defend their values, their freedom.

  4. American values have gone to hell in Oregon !! the Gov. Kate Brown should check herself in to a mental ward and let the people of Oregon get their lives back in order to save a state that is a disgrace to all of us //

  5. This is not just hypocrisy. It’s another step in the concerted plan of the Communist Left to take over every aspect of our lives! Separating and destroying the nuclear family is a Communist tactic. Getting children to report on their parents – a Nazi tactic. Destroying the nuclear family will everyone feeling very alone, very vulnerable, and leading them to RELY totally on their Communist/Socialist government. Don’t tell me this isn’t just another Left-wing tactic, They’ve already killed old people (COVID in nursing homes), children (ripped 9-month-old fetuses from their mothers), shut down businesses to ensure that the working populace has no income and will knuckle under to authoritarian rule, and now, keeping families apart under the guise of protecting you from COVID!!! Do you get it yet? Your Commie government will TAKE CARE OF YOU, GIVE YOU WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE, and, when you are too old to contribute to the Reich, you will be killed in one way or another – I am expecting to hear that ovens for the old, the young, and the handicapped, are being built any day now. Children have been kept from going to school, have been forced to lose 1 year, at least, of education and socialization with their peers. Now, the movement is on to decriminalize drugs so that junkies will end up in the equivalent of the Chinese opium dens (created by world powers prior to WW II to keep the Chinese drugged and silent while the world stole their resources out from under them.) I really hope I am WRONG. I am very afraid that I am not.

    1. Antogeny, I could not have put it any better! Wake up everyone! Turn to God & the Bible. We are in some serious trouble here and Christians have for to long been silent and slowly moved along to keep peace. May God help us all!

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