Violent Black Lives Matter Mob Viciously Attacks Trump Supporter at Pro-NYPD Rally and Throw Eggs at Police

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A violent Black Lives Matter mob viciously attacked Trump supporters who attended a pro-NYPD rally in Brooklyn on Sunday.

Dozens of the militant leftists were arrested on the second day of clashes between the two groups.

At least one of the attacks was caught on camera.

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Members of the Black Lives Matter mob were also assaulting police officers, who were not allowed to defend themselves thanks to their “woke” Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Fox News reports that “last week, the Big Apple’s lawmakers voted on budget changes that shifted $1 billion from the NYPD to programs that assist in youth and community development. That was followed by a bloody Fourth of July weekend which saw 64 New Yorkers shot, 11 fatally – including a young father who was shot while holding hands with his 6-year-old daughter in the Bronx.”

“Several counter protesters reportedly burned a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt, hat and sign as well as an American flag, while at least one police officer was struck in the face with an egg,” RT reports.


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