President Threatens to Take Tax Exempt Status Away from Left-Wing Schools and Indoctrination Camps

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For years Americans schools have been filled up with leftist teachers and administrations more interested in indoctrinating students than teaching students.

** In October 2017 a Wyoming high school assigned a quiz with an answer about shooting President Trump.
** A teacher at a West Virginia school was caught wearing a “Tuck Frump” jacked in her classroom.
** And Tucker Carlson recently highlighted how wealthy universities that trash and censor conservatives were taking stimulus cash during the pandemic.

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The examples of the toxic nature of far left bias in American schools is endless.

On Friday, President Donald Trump threw down the gauntlet.

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President Trump warned far left institutions that he is ordering the Treasury Department to re-examine the tax exempt status of liberal schools that pump out indoctrinated students and act as reeducation camps.


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