Roger Stone Grateful For President Trump Tweeting About Pardon

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Speaking exclusively to TGP Sunday afternoon Roger Stone told us that he encouraged by President Trump’s RT on Saturday referencing a National File article calling on Trump to pardon his longtime friend and ally. According to Politico, it also promoted a petition urging the Commander-in-Chief to save Stone from being forced into a Corona infested federal prison in Georgia.

“IT’s TIME TO #PardonRogerStone,” the original tweet read.

Since Trump’s RT, the petition has gained hundreds of thousands of additional signatures, surpassing 400,000 Sunday afternoon.

Earlier this week, the political strategist and NYT bestselling author who was targeted by the Mueller witch hunt and convicted thanks to a biased DC jury in Obama appointed demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s courtroom. This GP reporter was almost arrested during Stone’s trial for exposing the extreme bias during the jury selection process in the early days of Stone’s mid November trial, after sounding the alarms in a segment on Infowars with Alex Jones.

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Following President Trump’s RT, Stone took to social media to roast reporters in the mainstream media, who he said were likely on “suicide watch” following the RT.

“I hear that numerous reporters at CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post and The Daily Beast – among others – are on suicide watch. I am praying for them.”

We all were thinking it and he said it! In regards to the RT from President Trump, Stone continued to remain optimistic and shared why he thinks Judge Amy Berman Jackson neglected to address the entirety of his motion to delay his surrender date.

“As expected, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ignored the substance of my motion to either delay my surrender date or mandate home confinement due to the dangers of Coronavirus and ordered me to report to prison on July 14, essentially a death sentence!

Trump hating Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ruling is self-serving. She knows that if the appeal of my conviction I filed with the DC Court of Appeals is heard a year from now, her epic corruption and the corruption of the little cabal of her clerks that control her, as well as the corruption of Mueller’s dirty cops, will be exposed. She can’t afford to let that happen.

I am encouraged by the President’s retweet of a post urging people to sign the petition to the President urging him to grant an act of clemency and save me from my Deep State Executioners before it’s too late.”

To help Roger continue fighting to clear his name, you can donate to his legal defense fund by clicking here. Those wishing to sign the petition urging President Trump to pardon Stone, can find it here.



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