New York’s Coronavirus, Prayer & More — Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today

Political News


1. WSJ: How New York’s Coronavirus Response Made the Pandemic Worse


3. Why Suicide Rates Among Millennials Are Rising

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4. Religious freedom commission: U.S. cannot ignore northeast Syria


6. Zoom Shuts Down Account of U.S.-based Group After Tiananmen Anniversary

7. Esau Mccaulley in Christianity Today: I Have Only One Hope for Racial Justice: A God Who Conquered Death

8. Michael Pakaluk: Asking Pardon and the Purification of Memory

9. Race and Redemption

10. Stephen White: Are These Not My People?

12. Alan Keyes: God’s Dream for Us Is Better

13. Praying  for justice and healing after George Floyd killing

14. Walter Olson: Taming the Police Unions

15. Notre Dame Law School Dean: ‘I am George Floyd. Except, I can breathe. And I can do something.’

16. Douglas Murray: Why J.K. Rowling had to be denounced

17. Charter School Growth Does Not Hurt Public Schools

18. Brad Wilcox: First Family, Then Freedom

19. Chris Arcade: Chaos In The Time Of Covid 

20. Matt Lewis: Dems Are Lucky Biden Won’t Cave to Far Left on the Police

21. Christina Hoff Sommers: Fact-checking Mrs. America

22. ‘God chose to call us’: The story of two brothers ordained Catholic priests on the same day

23. Audrey Donnithorne: Woman of Valor (by George Weigel)

24. Karen Swallow Prior: Christian, Read Fiction


PLUS: Talking with Justin Fatica, a lay evangelist, last night:

Today’s the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua. Pope Benedict on him. 


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