Fired State Department IG Steve Linick Sent Confidential Info to His Personal Email Accounts Fueling Speculation He Was Behind Leaks to Media

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Steve Linick

State Department Inspector General and Deep State hack Steve Linick was fired last month.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired the anti-Trump Obama holdover.

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Linick played a role in the faux impeachment of President Trump over Ukraine.

Linick requested an urgent meeting with Congressional Democrat staffers. During the meeting Linick handed over documents related to the Trump administration and Ukraine.

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Steve Linick was also investigating the Trump administration’s use of emergency powers to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia despite congressional opposition, according to a senior Democratic lawmaker.

Now this…

A DOD investigation found that between March 2019 and September 2019 Steve Linick sent 23 confidential emails from his State Department email account to his personal Gmail account.

Several of the sensitive emails he forwarded to his personal Gmail account were related to an investigation into the State Department’s top Iran official, Brian Hook.

Information related to the investigation into Hook were leaked to the media, fueling speculation Linick was behind the leaks, according to the investigation.

Via the Free Beacon:

The State Department inspector general whose recent dismissal ignited a political firestorm sent copies detailing a sensitive investigation to his personal email account, according to a probe into his conduct run by the Defense Department’s inspector general.

The inquiry report, dated March 17, confirms that fired State Department inspector general Steve Linick was the subject of a broad investigation related to the leaks of politically charged materials to journalists, specifically a draft evaluation report into Brian Hook, the State Department’s top Iran official. The report, which was provided to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, concluded that while Linick was permitted to send information to his personal email account to facilitate access while traveling, he was the only official in that office to have done so. The disclosure is likely to raise new questions about Linick’s suspected role in leaking sensitive information to the press.

Last month House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that President Trump’s firing of Obama holdover State Department Inspector General Steve Linick “could be unlawful.”

Pelosi said Congress will be looking into the firing of Linick.

Will Pelosi call for Linick to be prosecuted if it is confirmed he was behind unauthorized leaks to the media? Probably not.


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