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Gregg Popovich Twitter video clipCharging that America was built on a lie, woke NBA coach Gregg Popovich calls the George Floyd killing a public lynching and says he’s embarrassed as a white person. One of the foremost social justice warriors among professional coaches in the U.S., Popovich calls his inflammatory remarks a “teaching moment.”

On Saturday, Popovich appeared in a Twitter video spouting off about the supposed evil heritage of America and said the Floyd murder by a white cop embarrasses him for his white race. White police officer Derek Chauvin doesn’t bear the guilt alone. Oh, no, America deserves the blame for this heinous murder. 

With soft piano music playing in the background for dramatic effect, Popovich indicts the land of the free and the home of the brave. He describes the casual way in which Chauvin killed Floyd — “In a strange, almost counter-intuitive sort of way, the best teaching moment for this recent tragedy, I think, was the look on the officer’s face” — and called it a public lynching:

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“I think I’m just embarrassed as a white person to know that that can happen. And to actually watch a lynching. You know we’ve all seen books, and you look in the books … you see black people hanging up in trees … and you … are amazed. And we just saw it again. I never thought I’d see that … you know, with my own eyes … in real time.”

“What’s it gonna take?” Popovich asks. “Two more black people with knees on their necks? I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

An advocate of gun control, Coach “Pop” also diverts briefly from the topic of race to ask, “How many more Sandy Hooks do we have to have?” But then he was back to race, trashing the American ideal that all men are created equal:

“Black people have been shouldering this burden for 400 years. The only reason this nation has made the progress it has is because of the persistence and patience and effort of the black people. You know the history of our nation from the very beginning of our nation, in many ways, was a lie. And we continue to this day, mostly black and brown people, to try to make that lie a truth, so that it’s no longer a lie. And those rights and privileges are enjoyed by people of color just like we enjoy them.” 

Popovich complains that it’s easy for people to let things go because it doesn’t involve them, and he says this nation is a mess because of race:

“It’s like the neighborhood where you know there’s a dangerous corner, and you know that somethin’s gonna happen there some day and nobody does anything. And then a young kid gets killed and the stop sign goes up. Well, without getting too political, we got a lotta stop signs that need to go up. Quickly. Because our country is in trouble, and the basic reason is race.”

Popovich isn’t fooling anybody! He gets political a lot, including twice in the past week, previously calling President Donald Trump a “deranged idiot.”

Summing up, Popovich considers American ideals fake because some people don’t live up to them. He feels a deep sense of white guilt, and misplaces the blame that rests with a rogue cop in Minneapolis on the entire white race. It’s the old liberal line that it’s society’s fault, and all should be punished for the sins of a few.


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