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CW’s Roswell, New Mexico is just the show that refuses to quit. Even in the midst of a pandemic, with only two episodes left, it still has to be some of the worst leftist propaganda on a Monday night. Figures this episode also comes with one of the worst takes on Mexican “experiences” you’ll find lately.

The June 8 episode “Crash Into Me” takes place on the day of “Crash-Con,” a convention dedicated to all things alien to honor the alleged alien crash spot Roswell, New Mexico. However, Master Sergeant Jesse Manes (Trevor St. John) plans to use this convention to wipe out the actual aliens in Roswell via a bioweapon. In addition, he’s appeared to set a bomb within the convention to cover his tracks. It’s a pretty big move from the show’s designated bigot, so the rest of our cast works together to try and stop him.

And by that, I mean the show takes time away from the plot to discuss how this parallels illegal immigration. You see, Manes’s plan is to blow up a portion of the convention using an alien device. Therefore, he can pin the blame on aliens and then have the excuse to kill all of them indiscriminately. To add insult to injury, he’s working with Liz’s estranged illegal immigrant mother, so Liz fears this could backfire on all Mexicans, too. That’s literally her logic as she explains her “experiences” to her white alien boyfriend Max (Nathan Dean).

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Liz: And she could’ve built a decoy bomb that wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

Max: He’d just get angry and do it again.

Liz: Yeah, but he’s not the only one that this would hurt. I mean, the headlines if she gets caught? “Illegal Mexican immigrant slaughters decorated American vet via bioweapon.” People will line up to lay bricks at the border wall. But, hey, maybe the president will talk about my family at his rallies.

Max: That’s gonna be fun. That’s not gonna happen. Right? This will get covered up, like every other strange death in this town.

Liz: In case you haven’t noticed, those cover-ups don’t tend to protect the Mexicans. Even when…

Max: Even when Rosa died. You can say it, Liz. It’s okay, it’s fair. Rosa got blamed, white people didn’t. Okay? I get it.

Liz: I know you’re on my side, but you don’t get this. And that’s not your fault, that’s just the reality of our experiences. If I mess up… If I so much as roll through a stop sign, it reflects badly on any Mexican who came before me. And it hurts any Mexican who comes after me. I used to think that nothing would ever change that, but lately I think…maybe if something extraordinary happened, it could.

First of all, Liz was born in the United States, so she is not Mexican. Second of all, even if she was, she as one person does not represent all of Mexico. Just like one woman doesn’t represent all women or one black person doesn’t represent all black people. It’s a hard concept to people on the left, but individuals can, in fact, act individually.

Sadly, the rest of the episode does not reflect that idea. The story continues to beat into us how terrible Manes’s plan is to frame aliens as terrorists, as if we’re too dumb to realize it. Then again, this is the show that continues to portray all ICE agents as white racists. Clearly, Roswell, New Mexico is incapable of thinking beyond caricatures.

Liz also pontificates how she wants to be “the example” she never had. Apparently, the example she wants is a self-important social justice warrior who makes years-old President Trump jabs.


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