Massive Explosion in Los Angeles, Multiple Buildings Burning, 230 Firefighters Responding — Ten Injured

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A massive explosion at a marijuana product wholesale distributor in downtown Los Angeles has left multiple buildings burning.

Over 230 firefighters have responded to the blaze and ten have been injured.

The fire department issued a “mayday” call and characterized the incident as a “major emergency.”

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The business in the building is called “SmokeTokes Warehouse Distributor” and was making wholesale marijuana oil products using butane.

The same business had another massive fire in 2016.

KTLA reports that the blast occurred at approximately 6:30 pm while firefighters were responding to a fire at a one-story structure at 327 E. Boyd St., according to LAFD.

“We’re always worried about a secondary explosion, we don’t know what caused the first one and we’re trying to avoid this incident becoming even worse if the second one does happen,” Prange told KTLA.

“My thoughts are with our brave @LAFD firefighters,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted. “Closely tracking this situation as we continue to get more information.”

This is breaking news and we will update this report as more information becomes available.


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