Long Island Shut Down Protesters Chant ‘Fake News is Not Essential’ at Reporter

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A group of shut down protesters in Long Island blasted a local reporter and chanted “fake news is not essential” as he made his way through the crowd.

Thursday’s “Re-Open NY Rally” was organized to “make noise to re-open New York.”

“Decorate your car, wave your flag, don your patriotic colors!” the rally’s MeetUp page said. “Let’s make some noise to Re-Open New York!!! Meet us at Macy’s Parking Lot for a Re-Open NY Rally!! Let’s show the world NY is ready to get back to work!!”

The Patch reports that signs at the rally included “My Sons Are Not Lab Rats For Bill Gates’ Vaccine,” “Coronavirus Is Not Going Away, But Our Incomes Have,” “Small Business Is Essential,” “Quarantine the Sick! Open LI!,” and “This Is Long Island, Not Rikers Island.”

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During the protest, News12 reporter Kevin Vesey was wandering through the crowd and filming the demonstrators, who had quite a lot to say to him.

“The level of anger directed at media from these protesters was alarming,” Vesey tweeted. “I will tell a fair and unbiased story today.”

In his video, protesters confronted him calling him “fake news” and blasting him for not airing President Donald Trump’s coronavirus while continuing to air Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefings.

“You used to be a good channel at one time, I don’t know what happened to you,” one protester says.

Others called Vesey a “hack” while people chanted “fake news coming through.”

“You’re the virus,” another protester asserted.

Soon, a chant broke out of “fake news is not essential.”

The state has been shut down, other than businesses deemed to be “essential,” since mid-March. The plan is now for the state to gradually reopen in phases, with time frames varying by region.


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