New Video Shows Ahmaud Arbery Walking Into Home Under Construction Shortly Before Being Confronted by McMichaels

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For the last several days, the liberal media has been screeching over the story of a young black Georgian, Ahmaud Arbery, who was out ‘jogging’ when he was “hunted” and shot dead by two white, racist men.

But now we know that was not entirely true.

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A few days ago, the Atlanta Journal Constitution released security video from February of Ahmaud Arbery breaking into homes on McMichael’s Street.

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On Monday new surveillance video shows Ahmaud Arbery walking into a home under construction shortly before being confronted by Travis and Greg McMichael.

Arbery’s family has confirmed it is indeed Ahmaud Arbery in the surveillance videos.

Numerous surveillance videos going back to October, 2019 show Ahmaud Arbery walking through the new construction site at night (screenshot below).

WJXT reported:

Newly-released video in the investigation into the February shooting death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery appears to show him at a construction site of a Georgia home just moments before he was confronted and fatally shot.

Arbery’s family has confirmed it is him.

In the video, Arbery looks around and then walks out.

Shortly after this, Arbery was stopped while running by Travis and Greg McMichael, then shot and killed.

News 4 Jax I-team reporter Kelly Wiley learned of other videos showing Arbery on Thursday from the same attorney who released the video of the shooting.

She tracked down the property owner to get the clip.

The owner tracked down numerous videos of what all appear to be the same man walking through his home as far back as Oct. 2019.

In a side-by-side of the final video of the site and the shooting video that happened the same day, Arbery is seen wearing the same clothing.


Travis and Gregory McMichael – father and son – are currently in custody on murder and aggravated assault charges.

The videos add much needed context to the media lies.

It looks like, once again, the media and liberal hacks jumped the gun on a story to promote a narrative and NOT the truth.


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