WATCH Barack Obama Push Some BS About Working Together with Trump During Oval Office Meeting While Spying on, Running a Coup at Same Time

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On November 9, 2016 President-Elect Donald Trump shocked the world and media elites by trouncing Crooked in the presidential election.

On November 10, 2016 President Obama met with President-Elect Trump in the White House Oval Office.
The two met with the press after their meeting.
Barack Obama talked about how they would “come together and work together” to do what was best for the country.


TRENDING: Brennan Lashes Out As President Trump Warns More Documents Exposing Spygate Cabal Will Be Coming Out Soon

Of course, now we know that Barack Obama was spying and and running an attempted coup at the same time.

HUGE REVELATION: Latest DOJ Documents Released In Flynn Case Reveal Obama White House Was Running the Operation

Barack Obama was running the operation.


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