Biden: You Didn’t Build That

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Joe Biden is rumored to be taking a look at Elizabeth Warren for the vice-president’s spot. He’s already talking like her, e.g.: “Look, you know Wall Street is — they’re good folks. But, guess what, they didn’t build America.”

“You didn’t build that!” I think I have heard that homily before.

Question: Does Joe Biden know how we build things in America?

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We build them with finance just as much as we build them with hammers and two-by-fours.

In spite of his Simple Joe from Scranton act, I do not expect Biden to know how they build things in Scranton. But if he would only have a look around the city where his heart is — Washington — he might catch a glimpse of Wall Street building America.

For example, the multi-billion-dollar mixed-use Wharf development, which has transformed a “once-blighted stretch of industrial waterfront in southwest Washington, D.C.,” was built by a lot of workers in hardhats — and Goldman Sachs.

No lending, no construction.

Simple enough even Joe Biden could understand it.


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